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Punching plate or laser - the customer decides

The production of adhesive roll labels is a complex process. At the end of this process is the die-cutting or contour cut, which gives the labels their final shape. At etikett.de, the customer has the choice: He decides whether the labels are punched out in the classic way using a punching plate or whether the contour cut is made by laser. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

With conventional die-cutting using a cutting plate, an individual cutting plate must first be produced and the job set up on the machine. The advantage of this method is that a higher production speed is achieved than is possible with laser cutting. Furthermore, all materials can be processed. The disadvantage, however, is that material and time are required to set up the machine, making the conventional method price-intensive, especially for short runs.
For shape cutting by laser punching a laser beam is used. This beam hits the material and cuts it. In contrast to conventional punching, no punching plate is required here. This is also the great advantage of this method: any size can be punched out immediately and without any problems. Contour cutting by laser proves to be cost-efficient, especially for short runs. However, it can happen that a white edge is produced on dark contours that are in the bleed area. This is particularly noticeable when a dark label is glued to a dark background. This unsightly effect does not occur with light labels with little or no ink application.
By specifying the basic parameters, such as size and material of the label, it is determined during the order process whether laser production is suitable for the respective label design. The customer can then decide for himself which of the two methods is to be used for contour cutting of the labels.


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