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Get Robotic & Green @ Digi Matrix Tech

Ceramic Tiles Printed on Dilli UV Flat Bed PrinterDigi Matrix Technologies & Digi Robotics Tech The Show Gold Sponsor has taken a Stand @ Dubai Wood 2014 Show (8-10 Apr) in Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) for visitors to see the latest Robotic & Green Engraving & Flat Bed Printing Machines in Action.

We will be showcasing the following machines in fully production mode:

1- DigiRob DGRG270: The CNC Robotic 7Axis Engraving Machine with Painting Head so you can Engrave on Wood, Foam, Metal then apply the Hard Coat, Fiberglass & Normal Paint.

2- DigiRob DGRG280: The CNC Robotic 7Axis Engraving machine to Engrave in FULL 3D on Marble & Stone.

3- DigiRob DGRPW390: The CNC Robotic 7Axis Cutting & Welding Machine to cut and weld ALL Kind of Metal.

4- Dilli UVT1604D-WV: The UV Flat Bed Printing machine to print on all kind of boards and sheets like Wood, Glass, Metal Ceramic Tiles, Acrylic, Foam Boards, ABS, Forex and also Wall Paper, Canvas, Sticker ..etc with 1440Dpi Resolutions and 3D Printing Mode

DigiRob - DGRG270P CNC Robotic Engraver:

DigiRob DGRG270P is a CNC Robotic 7Axis Engraving Machine equipped with Painting Gun for Hard Coat, Fiberglass, Normal Paint so with the 10HP Spindle & 2.7x2.7x2.7m Working Area you can engrave and Cut on almost all kind of materials like Wood, Foam, PU, Aluminum, Brass and with its Rotary & Flat Table you can Cut & Engrave almost all kind of Shapes, Patterns, Panels, with full 2D/3D/4D finish and then you can Paint them with the same Robot with High Speed, Quality, accuracy and Low Manpower.

This Machine can make all the required molds for All the Interiors & Exteriors applications for the JRC, JRB, Fiberglass & Composites also for the Boats, Tanks, Transportation, Planes ..etc

With Delcam Power Mill Robotic CAD/CAM Software you can design the Patterns you may need and design the Tool Path and Simulate it before you run the machine and with its amazing features you can know the required time for the job so you can plan your productions accordingly and with minimum mistakes and errors.

Just Load the materials, designs, Tools and GO Home and Let the Robot dose its magic while its controlled with the best Safety and Automatic Features to work 24/7 a week with minimum break downs.

We have so many different options as well to be added to this machines such as the Rail Track to extend its working areas upto 22m length, 3D Scanner so you can scan any object needs to be machined or duplicated, Coolant System to engrave on Metal, Stone & Marble on Small scale if its required.

DigiRob – DGRG280S CNC Robotic Stone & Marble Engraver:

DigiRob DGRG280S is a CNC Robotic 7Axis Engraving Machine to Engrave all kind of Stones & Marble in Fully 3D/4D Scaled to make the unique Pillars, Arcs, Sculptures, Wall Panels ...etc used for the Interior & Exterior decorations. This Robot is Equipped with 15HP Spindle upgraded with Full High Power Coolant System with Loaded Water Pumps water system to give the highest quality and speed along with the required Smooth Finish for the marble and stones pieces .

Also its controlled with Delcam Power Mill Robotic CAD/CAM Software to design and simulate the jobs and the Robot with efficient way.

DigiRob – DGRPW390 CNC Robotic 7Axis Cutting & Welding Machine:

DigiRob – DGRPW390 is equipped with Dual Cutting & Welding Heads using Plasma Technology to Cut any kind of Metal and can Cut MS upto 50mm with Stunning Speed and Accuracy to cut Sheets, Pipes, Bars, Tubes and so on for all kind of Steel & Metal Fabrications.

In Cooperation with Esab Welding Head & Hypertherm Plasma Cutting head you can Cut & Weld almost all kind of Metals with Safe and efficient Modes with High Standard of Safety.

Dilli – UV Flat Bed Printing Machine:

Dilli UVT1604D-WV The Ultimate UV Flat Bed Printer equipped with White & Varnish colors to Print on all kind of sheets and boards like Wood, Metal, Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Forex, Acrylic with high quality and with the unique 3D Impression to give your jobs and applications more life.

Also it has Roll To Roll Option to print on Flexible Materials such as Wall Paper, Canvas, Light Carpet and Fabric ...etc.

It's the machine for all your interiors & Exterior Decorations together with wide range of Furniture applications.



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