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SwissQPrint: The trio becomes a quartet

Fespa Digital 2014 marked the unveiling of a latest-generation printer: Nyala 2. This UV flatbed printer now becomes the largest and most productive in the swissQprint range.

The successful trio of swissQprint machines – Impala, Oryx, and Nyala – just got reinforcement: Nyala 2 made its debut at Fespa 2014. Although the youngest, it is also the largest and best-value model in the range. Printing area: 3.2 × 2 metres. Maximum printing speed: 206 square metres per hour. Notable features: has no such thing as draft modes; outputs at the lowest price per square metre.

With its generously sized 3.2 × 2 metre printing table, Nyala 2 more than qualifies as a large format printer. It stands at the nexus of printing quality and productivity: with a top speed of 206 m²/h a print image goes onto the substrate in just a fraction of the time taken by other printers. Nyala 2 fits perfectly with high-volume, high-end environments in both advertising signage and industrial applications. That is due to its extreme versatility, a trait common to all swissQprint systems.

Nyala 2 upsets a printing rule of thumb, which says that higher speed means lower quality. It achieves this because, although the UV system performs at up to 206 m²/h, it has no such thing as a draft mode. The secret lies in the latest technology used by the print heads. Moreover, a large printing area does not necessarily mean a large machine: Nyala 2 has practically the same dimensions as its Nyala sibling, yet the printing table has increased in size by 25% - all thanks to clever Swiss engineering in the background.

Like every swissQprint flatbed printer, the basic model already has a great deal to offer. For example, the unique register pin system for optimal utilisation of the printing table area. Or the tandem function for non-stop printing. And, depending on requirements, there are various add-on extensions available: a roll to roll option for smoothly processing flexible media; a board option that makes light work of oversized formats up to 3.2 × 4 metres; nine colour channels that can be equipped with CMYK, light colours, white, effect varnish, and spot colours. All tailored to fit exact needs.



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