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Communikay is expanding its business as a print solutions problem solver with Jeti Tauro LED System

At Communikay Graphics, exceptional customer service is in its DNA. One example is a live person answering the phone at the Alvin, Texas-based company. While uncommon in today’s business world, it’s the standard operating procedure for all incoming calls.

A high-quality, hands-on, full-service print solutions provider, Communikay specializes in large-format digital, silkscreen, and narrow web flexographic printing services. It offers customers a vast selection of finishing options like inventory, kitting, and fulfillment programs.
According to some of its customers, Communikay has earned the title of “print solutions problem-solver,” a mindset cultivated since its founding in 1985. The team is adept at exceeding customer demand for first-class, on-time, cost-effective solutions. By boldly capitalizing on leading-edge technologies and expanding its plant to accommodate new equipment, Communikay has multiplied its business among convenience stores, propane retailers, heavy equipment dealers, beverage companies, state lotteries, tobacco, real estate, and industrial market segments.
Surpassing workload expectations
At the brink of a new business plateau, management began researching whether to upgrade its inline screen- printing press or purchase a high-speed digital printer. After a thorough cost-saving analysis, Communikay strategically invested in the Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED Master Roll-To-Roll (MRTR) inkjet system.
“We discovered the high-speed Jeti Tauro UHS digital printer could manage the workload of our inline screen printer plus considerably more,” stated Rob Hunt, Communikay chief executive officer. “It’s a time-saver with faster set-up and consistent print quality job to job and promotion to promotion. That varies on a day-to-day basis with a traditional screen printing press.”
"We discovered the high-speed Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED digital printer could manage the workload of our inline screen printer plus considerably more. It’s a time-saver with faster set-up and consistent print quality job to job."
Rob Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, Communikay
The Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED large-format system, available in six configurations with different automation options, combines award- winning print performance with extreme productivity and low ink consumption. This hybrid produces detailed prints up to 3.3 m wide at speeds up to 905 m2/h (9741 ft2/h). Ruggedly built to perform under extreme workloads, the heavy-duty Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED family easily handles multiple shift operations and 24/7 printing of both rigid and flexible media.
Positive results
“We experienced approximately 35% revenue growth year-over-year while operating the Jeti Tauro UHS,” says Hunt. “Being more responsive, productive, and efficient is good for our top and bottom line.”
Communikay is also reducing its ink spend with the Jeti Tauro UHS, built with ‘thin ink layer’ technology that offers the lowest ink consumption on the market. Agfa’s GREENGUARD Gold-certified Anuvia UV LED inks provide excellent adhesion and durability, a large color gamut, vibrant colors, and a smooth, offset-like finish. The ‘thin ink layer’ technology offers optimal dispersion of ink pigment particles, resulting in low ink usage, cost savings, and better-looking prints.
"We experienced approximately 35% revenue growth year-over-year while operating the Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED."
Rob Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, Communikay
According to Hunt, the Jeti Tauro UHS with MRTR has expanded Communikay’s roll-to-roll print offerings and has significantly enhanced large-format print production. When set up with the master roll-to-roll, the Jeti Tauro UHS can tackle two rolls of up to 1500 pounds for unattended, automated double-sided roll printing.
“The Jeti Tauro UHS is increasing our flexibility and versatility,” explains Hunt. “It’s dramatically advantageous to be able to quickly switch a job and start another that is more urgent, and when complete, be able to go back to the original project. That was a much more complicated process with a traditional screen printing press.”
First-class service = Big brand success
Whether it’s retail propane cage graphics, beverage bottlers and distributors POS, or C-store chain’s indoor and outdoor temporary graphics, Communikay is rising to the challenge and exceeding customer expectations.
The company is delighting clients with beneficial services that help big brands attract end users. The team excels at delivering an overall positive customer experience through creative assistance, developing web stores for client programs, or providing detailed tracking reports for large projects, among others. “We take challenges to heart and resolve them expeditiously,” affirms Hunt.
Jeti Tauro is opening doors
Knowing when to invest in new technology is good business sense. By scaling up with the Jeti Tauro UHS LED MRTR, Communikay is setting its sights on expanding its C-store and equipment dealer business. “Our graphic capabilities move end users into stores and operationally inform equipment buyers,” reports Hunt. “The ease of doing business with us means an overall, positive, and straightforward graphic communications experience. We welcome the chance to exceed your customer expectations with first-class service and on-time delivery.”




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