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Fragrance in Brazil: Customer Demand, MWV Market Share Growing

The demand for fragrance is growing fastest in the world in one of MWV's fastest growing regions: Brazil.

The Beauty and Personal Care market in Brazil has been growing by around 10 percent each year for the past decade, says Tove Dahlstrom, marketing coordinator, Home, Health & Beauty, Latin America. And the fragrance category is the primary driver of this growth, making Brazil the largest market in the world. MWV doubled its fragrance business in Brazil in 2013, and is expected to double it again in 2014.

To meet customers' demand, MWV's capabilities in Brazil needed to grow. As a result, the Valinhos Folding Carton plant was remodeled into a Primary Plastics plant earlier this year, more than doubling the capacity of our previous Primary Plastics plant in the city of São Paulo, to produce fragrance pumps such as Melodie® and the Emotions of Spray Collection.

"No matter what happens to other sectors of the economy, Beauty & Personal Care grows," says Tove. "Even when there is uncertainty in the future - and we have presidential elections this year and a rather unsettled political climate - what does someone do? Instead of buying expensive products that require credit, they will splurge on personal care products like fragrance."

The Brazil fragrance market is poised to grow even more as it promotes higher-end products such as eau de parfum instead of the lower-end eau de toilette, says Tove.

Today's sophisticated consumer in Brazil wants attention to quality and product packaging details. "Here in Brazil, we have to customize everything," says Tove. "We need different colors, different mechanization, different materials and different closures. Each of our customers has a different requirement."

In Brazil, MWV's flexibility and speed to market give us a distinct advantage over our competition; it's a powerful combination that excites our customers and will help us - and them - win in this critical market. We're helping them to grow with our sound strategy of consumer insights, innovation, sales approach and focus on commercial excellence.

Knowing consumer desires and market trends, and sharing that information with customers, helps MWV win business, says Tove. It also helps MWV prepare for and react quickly to a changing market.

"Consumers want better products. This is a trend we will continue to see. This gives us the opportunity to grow our fragrance lines," says Tove.


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