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New, overt security feature for reliable authentication

Clear identification and advanced anti-counterfeiting protection: Volume Holograms by Schreiner ProSecure ensure a high level of security

High-quality original or inferior copy? Overt security features make it easy for businesses, customs authorities and dealers to quickly authenticate products. The challenge consists in finding technologies that are simple to use and control but simultaneously raise significant hurdles for pirates. Schreiner ProSecure's volume holograms meet these requirements - they can be checked without effort and offer maximum protection against counterfeiting.

The technology of volume holograms is based on the specific properties of light-sensitive layers whose levels can be used as a three-dimensional medium. Transferring an object's light reflections into this multi-layered compound creates diverse, unique motifs. "Computer-generated 3D structures open up a wide variety of design options," explains Thomas Voelcker, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Schreiner ProSecure. The results of computer generation include eye-catching logos, illustrations and other design elements that are realized as single images or scatter motifs, usually in the form of stripes.

"The process is really complicated. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to replicate the 3D structures", says Thomas Voelcker. Volume holograms were mainly designed to provide reliable protection against counterfeiting on indicative and functional labels for medical devices or consumer goods and nameplates for components or technical functional parts. This way of protecting original products is easy to communicate to consumers and staff as the features are visible in direct light without additional devices. Producers benefit from visually appealing and easily recognizable security marking of their products, which offers anti-counterfeiting protection that is superior to standard holograms in every way



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