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Corona infection protection: Klingele develops sustainable solution for schools and workplaces

After weeks and months of the corona crisis, the federal and state governments are now successively implementing a wide range of easing measures. "Social Distancing" will continue to characterize the coexistence, especially in school and at work. To this end, the Klingele Paper & Packaging Group, one of the leading independent suppliers of corrugated board packaging, has developed environmentally friendly corrugated board partitions that provide optimum protection against infection and facilitate good cooperation even in confined spaces.

The partitions are available in a variety of designs for different applications: The classic room divider has a standard height of 1,760 mm and a depth of 950 mm and is suitable for workplaces in production, assembly and order picking, but also in the office. Optionally, a window film allows a direct view of the neighbouring workstation. By cutting out a section, a table partition is created at the same time - an optimum solution especially for assembly workstations.
The "table partition wall" variant is the protective measure of choice for office workplaces, and here too a punched window with a film glued in provides visual contact with the person opposite. This window can also be closed by means of a flexible cover (and opened again at any time). Punched holes directly at table height allow cables to be fed through.
Hygienically flawless - and long lasting
All partition walls are made of stable double-wall corrugated cardboard; they are assembled using a simple plug-in system. The current standard dimensions can also be individually adapted to customer requirements. High-quality printing via digital printing creates a friendly atmosphere at the workplace. And as an environmentally friendly single-material solution, the corrugated cardboard partitions can be easily disposed of in waste paper; the optional window film can be easily removed beforehand.
A particular advantage of the practical partitions over Plexiglas, however, is above all their hygienic harmlessness: a recent study by scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles has shown that the corona virus can only be detected for up to 24 hours on cardboard, whereas it lasts up to three days on plastic.
This means that the partitions can also be used for longer periods. Alternatively, it is possible to buy several walls and change them daily. After only one day of "rest" the "partitions" can be used again without any problems. At a price of between just under 10 euros and 3.65 euros (depending on the quantity ordered), this is also a financially viable solution - by way of comparison: for Plexiglas solutions the costs are around 180 euros.
From in-house development to "market hit
The environmentally friendly partition walls were originally an idea of the Wunsiedel processing plant for its own workplaces. Here too, as in similarly structured plants, close cooperation in production and order picking requires reliable protective measures for the employees. In the meantime, the practical solution made of corrugated board has proven its worth in Wunsiedel - and is also being well received by a growing number of customers.
"Originally, we were concerned with infection protection at our own workplaces," comments Heiko Eichhorn, sales manager and deputy plant manager at the Wunsiedel processing plant. "However, due to their uncomplicated handling, their hygienic harmlessness and their attractive price, our partitions are a very practical solution for all premises where people learn and work together. Other possible uses are also conceivable, for example as guidance in schools or public authorities. Last but not least, our sustainable corrugated cardboard walls also offer users a good opportunity to practice active environmental protection even in times of crisis.



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