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Coca-Cola wins the German Packaging Award with Keelclip

KeelClip, an innovative packaging technology that Coca-Cola intends to use in future to replace plastic packaging for its multi-pack cans, has won the German Packaging Award 2020 in the category "Design and Refinement".

Under the title "Driving the Circular Economy - Accelerating Towards a World Without Waste" the innovation convinced the jury of the German Packaging Institute (DVI). The award-winning packaging solution is produced by Graphic Packaging International ("Graphic Packaging"), the market leader in the field of packaging solutions in cardboard.
Coca-Cola has set itself the goal of removing unnecessary and difficult to recycle plastic from its packaging portfolio. By switching to solutions such as KeelClip, the company is making steady progress towards making its packaging more and more sustainable.
Ralf Peters, Vice President Procurement Coca-Cola European Partners, says: "We are delighted that KeelClip has been awarded this prestigious prize. Such innovations are essential if we are to deliver our beverages to consumers in highly sustainable packaging. With solutions like KeelClip we are moving closer to our goal of replacing shrink film overwrap with cardboard solutions for our multipacks for beverage cans".
The KeelClip solution is the first of its kind that can be used for cans of any size and multipack configurations (up to 10 packs). This makes the solution easily scalable for brand owners with different pack sizes.
The innovative design consists of a central "keel", which allows for improved stabilisation. The tins are fixed to the top edge and hygienically covered with the cardboard cover. At the same time, the cardboard surface offers many possibilities for branding.
Steve Gould, New Product Development & Marketing Director for the Beverage Division at Graphic Packaging, adds: "KeelClip is not only a groundbreaking innovation, as the cardboard lid is a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. The potential of KeelClip is even greater when you consider its scalability and ability to meet the speed and efficiency requirements of the fastest filling lines for all can sizes and configurations. This is a great advantage for brands looking for a consistent solution from a single source that meets sustainability requirements and also enables brand premium now and in the years to come".




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