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IGB and Pusterla 1880: tamper-evident packaging for products ranging from pharmaceuticals to beauty

IGB and Pusterla 1880 are pleased to announce their partnership on a tamper-evident line of plastic-free packaging offering advantages in terms of production costs, product protection and aesthetics.

The two companies, both of which are based in the Italian province of Varese but have extensive global operations, have combined their know-how to eliminate the plastic normally used to wrap cosmetics packaging.
Pusterla 1880 will now be introducing the IGB-patented anti-tampering system - which has gone down a storm in the pharmaceuticals market - to the luxury market.
Who are the companies?
During the 140 years it has been in business, Pusterla 1880 has gradually grown by diversifying the goods segments and moving in areas such as the beauty industry (focussing particularly on fragrances) and beverages (for premium products such as champagne and whiskey). Today it has 10 production sites located in Italy and abroad, including France and the United Kingdom, offering extremely complex and customisable packaging options.
Established in 1968, IGB is a leader in pharmaceutical packaging innovation, whose operations are spread over two production sites and branches in Varese and New York. To date, its patent portfolio is the most extensive in pharmaceutical packaging and its solutions have earned it numerous international awards, as well as a place in the innovation archives of Turin Polytechnic.
How does the tamper-evident line work?
The IGB tamper-evident folding box is an IGB-patented product created in response to the European directive to counter counterfeiting and tampering in the pharmaceutical industry.
The packaging features a paper seal integrated into the structure of the box, which tears the first time the pack is opened, opening up part of the box in a clearly visible manner and providing irreversible proof that it has been opened. Once the box has been opened, the graphics, words, and various details are unaffected and the information remains legible.
The IGB solution has been acknowledged as an outstanding, effective, cost-effective, and environmentally kind solution. As a result, more and more drugs are now being sealed with the IGB tamper-evident folding box instead of plastic labels.
Why the move to beauty?
The drive to use ever-less plastic concerns all areas of manufacturing. Every year, the cosmetics industry uses thousands of tonnes of plastic to wrap perfume and cosmetics packaging to prevent counterfeiting and shoplifting.
Pusterla 1880 and IGB realised that transferring the technology featured in the tamper-evident folding box to the luxury perfumes segment would revolutionise the packaging process; simplifying it and making it more sustainable, it would mean not only less plastic in the environment but also less energy consumed and lower CO2 emissions during production.
This solution will bring significant financial advantages for the perfume and cosmetics manufacturers that adopt it, with fewer materials used, simplification of processes, and greater packaging productivity being just some of the advantages of the tamper-evident folding box.
Finally, designers will find that the tamper-evident line enhances the impact of the outer packaging, since the elimination of the plastic wrap means the product will hold greater appeal for end consumers.
Why have Pusterla 1880 and IGB joined forces?
Pusterla 1880 has found the best way of meeting the increasing demand for green packaging from the leading brands in luxury cosmetics. IGB has found the ideal partner to extend its business into the beauty industry too.
Given their geographical closeness, the acknowledged excellence of both companies within their industries, and the synchronicity and shared business vision, an alliance between the two was natural and quickly formed.
That the conditions were right for success was confirmed at the first presentation of the Pusterla 1880 tamper-evident products at the Luxepack in Green fair, held in Paris at the end of August.
The next event will be taking place in the Principality of Monaco at the annual Luxepack show, whose international audience makes it the perfect stage for the global presentation of this solution.



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