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Sustainability in Every Sip: Woodly Drinking Cups Redefine Hospitality Standards

The hospitality industry is increasingly turning to innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact, and one such initiative gaining traction is the adoption of reusable products like Woodly® drinking cups.
Sanna Pokkinen, Spa and Activities Manager at Holiday Club Saimaa Hotel & Spa, underscores the transformative effect of integrating Woodly cups into their operations.

“The clearest benefit of Woodly cups has been the reduction of single-use products in our daily operations”, Pokkinen emphasizes, highlighting the significant contribution to waste minimization.
Feedback from the guests echoes Pokkinen’s sentiment, with customers expressing delight at the availability of a wood-based alternative to traditional plastic.
“The feedback has been positive. People are happy over the fact that a sustainable alternative exists to traditional plastic”, Pokkinen explains.
Moreover, the durability of Woodly cups has impressed Pokkinen and her team. “The cups have been durable; we’ve been using them for almost a year, and their use continues”, she notes. This longevity not only reduces costs associated with frequent replacements but also underscores the reliability and practicality of Woodly cups in a demanding hospitality setting.
Encouraging her industry peers to follow suit, Pokkinen states: “I definitely recommend trying out Woodly cups. This way, you can easily reduce the amount of unnecessary waste and its environmental impacts.” Such endorsements reflect a broader trend within the hospitality sector towards embracing sustainable practices.



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