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High-precision checkweighing for renowned paint and render manufacturer

Project goal and implementation
The project had a clear goal, namely to provide a highly efficient weighing solution that also covers an exceptionally large weighing range. The manufacturer’s weighing process was further complicated by the different properties of the render and paint products, for example the flow rate. As a result, the individual products had to be assigned to certain filling plants and it was not possible simply to group the production lines according to filling amount. A flexible weighing solution was required that covers the ranges from 1–50 kg for the checkweighing required downstream.

The special solution created by Minebea Intec consists of a weighing platform IS (ISEDE-50-OAW), which is defined as a multi-interval scale with a duel range capability, up to 20kg has a resolution of 2g and to 50kg a resolution of 5g readability. This resolution meets the requirement of the German Verpackungsverordnung [Packaging regulation] and it is the only solution on the market with this special weighing range. The connected weight controller Maxxis 5, is a freely programmable terminal and with an “Automatic Checkweigher” project application, carries out the control tasks and communicates with the higher-level control unit directly via digital signals or via the ProfiNet field bus. The data for inspection is transmitted via OPC to the weight controller Maxxis and forwarded to the SPC Enterprise for logging.
Manufacturer is very happy with the precision and speed. This combination of weight controller Maxxis 5 and weighing platform IS was granted PTB [German National Metrology Institute] approval as a checkweigher. During this process, the plant runs in start-stop mode, i.e. the Minebea Intec systems stop the belt and weigh at a standstill. The producer completed the initial installation in 2022 and since then has equipped two further plants with the system. The weights and measures authorities tasked with confirming conformity carried out the necessary measurements within the tolerance. The manufacturer is very happy with the results from the first year.
The earlier concerns that this highresolution weighing platform IS would not withstand the mechanical strain or that the start-stop operation would slow down the plant have been dispelled. The performance remains very precise and in these applications the stopping took less time than the filling itself – 1 to 5 seconds depending on the container. This means that Minebea Intec has proven once again that no individual challenges are too much for the company’s weighing and inspection technologies.
“We have great confidence in the technologies from Minebea Intec, which have been built up over decades. The weighing solution makes our process more efficient day after day", says Customer’s production manager.



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