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Excellent Performance of GMG in Ryerson University Expanded Gamut Study

Reproduction and accuracy of spot colors in expanded gamut printing are often considered to be virtually impossible, but as a recent study by Ryerson University in Toronto highlights, are far from being unachievable. In a comparison of ten different color management systems and their means and benefits, GMG met the challenge of this study and shined with its innovative solution, service and support. Furthermore, Ryerson’s study offers insight into the world of today’s extended color gamut (ECG) printing and a guidance for users who are yet to choose a solution fit to their needs.


Ryerson University’s study, conducted in July 2019, has shown the capabilities of state-of-the-art extended gamut printing tools. Ten vendors participated in the study, including Tuebingen based color management specialist GMG with GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorServer. Two 7-color digital printing systems using CMYKOGV ink sets, Epson SureColor P9000 and HP Indigo 7900, were used for the evaluation of spot color reproduction during the test.
Evaluation and Benefits of Extended Color Gamut Printing
GMG’s performance on the HP Indigo 7900 was especially outstanding. With only 2458 patches in the test chart, GMG OpenColor was able to reproduce 87% of the 1846 PANTONE spot colors used in the test. This once again demonstrates the solution’s high reliability. GMG’s results on the Epson SureColor P9000 were similarly satisfying: 89% accurate reproduction is within the high standards that ECG printing is demanding for.
The reward of ECG printing lies in its benefits: Ink and material savings, reduced wash-ups, job to job repeatability and faster make-ready, explaining its popularity in digital printing. With GMG OpenColor, users can also profit from an easy and timesaving workflow, whilst having accurate and stable results. Multicolor profiles can be created even from mini strips or existing data, independent of the printing process used to create the reference condition – and via conversion in GMG ColorServer, a print-ready file is delivered.
GMG’s ECG Solution is Top-Rated
“GMG provides well known color management products, with purpose built, well designed and dedicated solutions for multicolor and packaging customers”, Ryerson University states. GMG OpenColor ensures flexibility whilst being both user-friendly and intuitive. Test charts are created on basis of the printing process, while there is no limitation in adjusting the number of patches or pages used. An additional benefit not used in the study is the output of proof profiles via GMG OpenColor, which leads to a direct proofing condition. In any case, a high product performance is mandatory for GMG products, as the company has set its goal on high-end color management tools that cover almost all use cases. Customer expectations are thus closely tied to developing and improving GMG solutions.
Aside from technical aspects, GMG received high praise for its competent service and support. “Our goal is not to have a stand-alone product that leaves users on their own. We’re focused on giving our customers all the support needed when working with our solutions – which doesn’t end with the installation or a running system but starts with it. Supporting users in their daily work is vital”, says Birgit Plautz, Manager Technical Services at GMG Americas. Therefore, GMG provides reliable service and support across all countries and user types, realized by an international team of knowledgeable, professional technicians. GMG’s offerings are round off by GMG Academy workshops and webinars.


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