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Cape Pack is the first software to offer a cloud-based workflow for palletising and logistics optimisation

New generation software runs entirely in the cloud for greater accessibility and efficiency
With companies across all industries under pressure to save on shipping and transportation costs, Esko has launched the latest version of its Cape palletising software - the first solution to offer customers a complete cloud-based workflow for palletising and logistics optimisation.

Cape Pack 22.07 features three advantages: easy deployment, simple operation and hassle-free sharing with multiple users around the world. The new version is designed to improve workflows and streamline operational processes.
"Cape Pack now offers all the benefits of our modular palletising software, but without the need for software installation, is more intuitive to use and, most importantly, offers the ability to store and retrieve information anytime, anywhere," says Richard Deroo, product manager at Esko. "The software helps determine the best product size, number of cartons, product arrangement, carton size, pallet and container load, and allows companies to optimise their packaging for shipping. It creates new pack sizes and efficient pallet patterns, analyses the compression strength of packs and pallets, and improves the use of materials and space."
"Cape Pack is the only cloud-based solution that automatically finds the best pack combination for storing and shipping packs. This improves pallet loading efficiency and reduces shipping costs by an average of 10 per cent. At the same time, the products are protected from damage during transport," said Richard Deroo.
As Software as a Service (SaaS), Cape Pack 22.07 offers next-generation palletising and is the first product to offer an end-to-end workflow solution - from data entry to reporting - via a cloud platform.
Benefits for businesses with Cape Pack 22.07:
Optimal product size design
Right-sized packs for every product
Identify alternative pack sizes
Maximise pallet loading and improve space utilisation
Develop sustainable packaging supply chains
Reducing transport costs
Analysing the compression strength of containers and pallet loads
Reducing the number of trucks on the road and therefore lowering overall carbon emissions
"The new user interface and 24/7 global access make it easy for Cape Pack 22.07 users to store important and up-to-date information in the cloud and share it with colleagues locally or around the globe," said Richard Deroo. "This not only speeds up design and approval processes, but also enables users to create more efficient pallet patterns and optimise cube space utilisation."
"The palletising software supports cartons, cylinders, trapezoidal shapes as well as trays and bundles," explained Richard Deroo. "Because the software is cloud-based, it is incredibly easy to calculate solutions for folding cartons, cases and pallets. Users can now also easily share palletisation reports with load formatting, processed sample levels and truck analysis data, enabling faster time to market."
Richard Deroo explained that ease of use, ease of deployment and the ability to share data quickly and easily were key objectives in the development of Cape Pack 22.07. "At Esko, we are committed to ensuring that our innovations are integrated quickly and smoothly so that companies can achieve demonstrable improvements and a rapid return on investment," said Richard Deroo. "We are focused on not only helping our customers successfully implement our new technology. We also want it to be used in the best possible way within the business to deliver immediate results."
Significant savings for customers
As a member of the Esko pre-release community, US-based Environmental Foam Products (EFP) was among the first to integrate cloud-based Cape Pack 22.07 into its business. EFP is an industry-leading provider of exceptional foam moulding and processing solutions and has been dedicated to developing innovative foam products to meet the needs of thousands of businesses across the country since the 1950s.
Working closely with consumer, automotive, agricultural and reseller customers, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries, EFP offers a wide range of cold chain solutions.
"We've been using the new Cape Pack as a cloud-based solution for almost a year, and the results have been incredible," says Leigha Rolin, Product Development Specialist/Package Engineer at EFP. "The software is insanely easy to use. The speed of data transfer and reporting adds to the efficiency. I can say without exaggeration that we have saved thousands of hours and a lot of money since using the new Cape Pack because we have been able to make our workflows and truck loading more efficient!"



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