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EFI Fiery Command WorkStation Integration with IQ Cloud Services Increases User Productivity

Industry-leading unified job management interface now includes EFI IQ cloud services for a fast, flexible way to roll out tailored job management preferencesand resources

Fiery®, the digital front end (DFE) server and print workflow business of graphic arts technology company Electronics For Imaging, Inc.,has introduced powerful new cloud capabilities and additional productivity enhancements for print businesses in the new version 6.8 oftheEFI™ Fiery Command WorkStation®job management solution.AnEFI IQ™ cloudintegration gives Command WorkStation users the ability to back upand restoretheir customized user interface settings, local presets,and imposition templates. Witha click of button, they can invite other Command WorkStation users in their print shop,or at other company locations,to download and install common settings and resources. A shop can optimize Command WorkStation for all users even in multiple locations for a faster and more flexible way to consistently manage jobs with the confidence that their configurations are saved securely in their company’s EFI IQ cloud account.EFI IQ cloud capabilities for betterbusinessmanagement andcontrolWith the same EFI IQ account, managerscan easily take advantage of cloud applicationstoextract value from their print shop data to minimize bottlenecks, optimize equipment utilization, and track performance by shift.Features available at no charge for use with an unlimited number of cut-sheet digital printers include: •EFI IQ Dashboard, an application that provides a personalized view of printer status, consumables and job statusright now;•EFI Insight, an applicationthat helps managerstransform print production trend datainto actionableanalytics that drive business improvement;•EFI Notify, an application that delivers alerts for production-blocking events and enablesautomatic production report distribution; and•EFI Go, a mobile appthat delivers EFI IQ dashboard metrics, notifications and more to busy managers to monitor operations even while they are not on site. “This new version of Command WorkStation is a significant milestone in our strategy to improve Fiery capability with EFI IQ cloud services,” said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFIFiery. “Using thefamiliar Command WorkStation interface, users can now access cloud services to better manage both their print jobs andtheir business.” New enhancements for more efficient,faster job managementPrint businesses also gain important flexibility and faster job set up by using the newselective presetcapabilityin Command WorkStation 6.8. Now,users can define settings that only apply to specific aspects of a job,leaving all other original settings untouched. Using server presets can reduce the time it takes to prepare incoming files and get jobs ready for production by 80%.Additional features in version 6.8 are being well received by customers. As Darin Lerbs, Production Print Solutions Architect at Marco, an EFI reseller and technology services company located in Minneapolis,commented:“It’s great to see several of my, and my customers’, suggested features in this new Command WorkStation release. For me, being able to rearrange Fiery servers in the server list and easily see server IP addresses helps a great deal. And my customers are going to love the ability to see how long it’s going to take for a job to complete printing –that’s really going to help them plan their workload.”



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