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Aicomp’s new sales and growth strategy for the Americas market

For nearly 20 years Aicomp has experienced success and growth in the United States, and we’re striving to keep up the momentum! As part of our global growth strategy, Sascha Rauhe has moved into a new position, Managing Director Americas. One aspect of this new role is to oversee sales in Latin and North America.

This is an exciting change for our organization, as it places Sascha at the helm of our core focus: clients in the packaging industry. From Seattle, Washington to Curitiba, Brazil, Sascha has fostered long-lasting relationships with active and potential clients, staying informed of the latest industry developments and challenges. Considering global crises, evolution in AI, and changing business trends, Sascha is returning to his passion: sales and customer relationship management.
The administration of our organization in the United States remains with our CEO, Jeroen Koopman. Jeroen has been with Aicomp for nearly 18 years and has been instrumental in our growth. The daily operations continue to be led by Jeroen and his team to drive this positive progress. In conjunction with our sales strategy, Jeroen has implemented multiple changes that are meant to invest in our company’s greatest asset: people. “I’m excited to announce that we’re amping up our internal training programs, to further strengthen our team’s skillsets and product knowledge. We recently concluded an in-person training in our Ft. Lauderdale office with all members of the North American staff and the benefit was immediately obvious.” In addition to training, a new internship program is being implemented: Aicomp NextGen. “We’ve been in the U.S. for 20 years and we’re already thinking about the next 20,” says Sascha Rauhe. “It is imperative that we always have a mindset that just because we’ve always done things a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore new ways of doing things for the future.” The internship program is partnering with multiple colleges and universities throughout the U.S. to find the brightest talents who are eager to learn our business, but also drive it further, as Sascha explains: “from Cloud to A.I. and Machine Learning, unlocking the future starts with the most innovative amongst us, and we believe the best talent can currently be found among bachelor and masters students.”
To facilitate our growth, we are pleased to announce that we are hiring full-time resources and have arrived at a significant crossroads: the promotion of two long-standing Aicomp employees to management positions. Meredith Lewis will now become Head of Consulting Services Americas, while Sarah Shands is moving to Head of Human Resources North America. “This change is necessary, yet exciting. We concluded last year that to achieve the greatest success, it is necessary to elevate a leader for our consulting activities in the Americas. At the same time, our growth requires added attention to human resource processes, state, and federal laws, as well as internal wellness and training efforts for our team. I’m proud to have Meredith and Sarah take over these roles,” adds Jeroen Koopman about Meredith and Sarah’s new positions.
Meredith joined Aicomp in 2011 and after pursuing other opportunities, returned to the company in 2016. Her steady hand in managing projects and her keen sense of people and their skills best enables Meredith to be successful in her new position. Sarah has been with Aicomp since 2009 and worked closely with our multinational admin team to ensure efficiency in all the processes that make Aicomp run smoothly. Over the years she has been involved in multiple projects that required an understanding of HR topics and in recent years has been the de-facto Benefits Coordinator for the United States. In her new role, Sarah will oversee all HR processes for North America.


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