ARDIS® unveils the first ever standard & flexible MES system @Ligna

The entire woodworking industry is talking about integration, IoT, Industry 4.0, MES and other new technologies. Many MES installations are based on heavy customization making them extremely expensive.

ARDIS® has used the experience of their MES custom solutions and leading Optimizer solution to develop the first MES system for the woodworking industry MES without the need for heavy customization.

ARDIS® PERFORM is therefore the most flexible, standardized, web based and affordable MES supporting your equipment and adapts to the way your production flow is organized.

Communication and retrieving real-time data is a key industry challenge. How to ensure workers are doing the right job first? Each operator needs key sequence information at each specific step in the production to avoiding costly mistakes. Running back & forth to engineering due to unclear information, the risk of missing delivery deadlines gives you as direct outcome expensive overtime. ARDIS® is increasing manual operation productivity with 30% by rationalizing the need to scan parts manually compared to existing MES systems.

The ARDIS® PERFORM is unique in its kind. Having it your way without customization is the result. “You define your way of working”! The off the shelf software supports sales order based, production order based, project order based, order traveler, product based or even a combination.