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Emerson introduces a host of products to improve efficiency

Digital Transformation
In order to remain competitive today, companies must do much more than just deliver their products. To drive increased profitability, they must constantly improve efficiency while also continuing to innovate their offerings. But how?

Companies can achieve these goals and improve their overall operational performance through digital transformation. And, with the right balance of expertise and technology, digital transformation is possible within every plant and enterprise – right now.

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights Using Edge and Analytics
Emerson has successfully partnered with leading manufacturers to provide real-world industrial edge and analytics solutions to transform their operations, improve their uptime and increase efficiency by using edge and analytics. Emerson offers deep expertise and a full portfolio of machine and plant-level industrial edge devices, sensors and software to deliver actionable insights that significantly improve overall equipment effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, interoperability and security. What’s more, companies can start right where they are, prove their ROI and have confidence scaling up to broader solutions that keep them advancing in their industries.

Emerson’s extensive portfolio includes hardware and software solutions that help improve performance in a wide range of pneumatic applications, fluid control, motion control, machine performance and other edge applications.

• AVENTICSTM Series AF2 Sensors are flow sensors that monitor air consumption in pneumatic systems. The data they collect helps detect leaks faster, optimize energy consumption, prevent machine downtime and cut costs.
• AVENTICS Series SPA Smart Pneumatics Analyzer monitors and visualizes pneumatic installations and systems. Using mathematical algorithms, the SPA digitizes and translates sensor data into information that helps improve overall equipment effectiveness.

• AVENTICS Fieldbus Electronics and I/O technology solutions offer simplified communications and connectivity between the control, valve systems and sensors. We offer a range of all relevant protocols including I/O-Link allowing users to specify options. They are easily configurable to meet your requirements with modularity and plug-and-play principles ensuring easy installation. The innovative, integrated graphic display of the Series G3 provides direct, easy-to-understand diagnostics, and simplified commissioning. Due to its optimized dimensions, our Series AES fieldbus electronics fits in the smallest spaces while connected.
• PACEdge™ IIoT Software is a new edge analytics solution that provides developers with an integrated and secure platform for creating, deploying and scaling applications, ensuring a single source of truth across information technology, operational technology and enterprise-level data, so any end user can derive valuable insights.
• PACSystems™ RXi2 Edge Computers enable users to maximize value, while easily and cost effectively scaling with their enterprise. The RXi2 portfolio offers rugged computing designed for the industrial world and high-performance analytics and graphics with maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.
• PACSystems RX3i CPL410 Edge Controller provides true edge control technology, combining real-time, deterministic control with advanced, Linux based applications in a single device providing a foundation for industrial IOT. The RX3i utilizes the powerful PACSystems control engine and programming environment to provide application portability across all of Emerson’s PLC hardware platforms.
• Movicon.NexT HMI/SCADA is an industrial software platform that provide plant analytics, industrial visualization, human machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition to drive better and smarter insights for digital transformation. The flexible, scalable software platform is available for both Windows and Linux using the latest technologies that are essential to Industry 4.0.


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