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Cumbrian SMEs unite to form "Resolve Engineered Solutions" - a new era in comprehensive engineering services

A collaboration of four leading Cumbrian SMEs is embarking on a pioneering venture to establish "Resolve Engineered Solutions".

This joint venture brings together the expertise of Forth, React Engineering, PAR Systems and Cumbria Operations and Maintenance Service Ltd (COMS) to deliver end-to-end engineering services, marking a significant step change in how the nuclear industry can access high value capabilities.

The four founding companies of Resolve Engineered Solutions are each recognised for their high-quality offerings and unique strengths. Through this collaboration, they are poised to provide a holistic and efficient approach to tackling complex engineering challenges.

“Resolve Engineered Solutions represents a powerful synergy of talent and capability,” says Mark Telford, Managing Director at Forth. “Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service that combines the agility and pragmatism of SMEs with the capacity and global prowess of larger players.”

This partnership is built on a foundation of shared values, including professionalism, quality, and the dedication to delivering results. By uniting under the Resolve banner, these companies seek to address industry challenges with a multifaceted approach; providing a simple and effective route for problem owners to access high value project and engineering capabilities in a way that enables growing local companies to compete effectively while meeting the complex requirements of the sector.

“The name 'Resolve' encapsulates our commitment to overcoming sector obstacles. This collaboration is a testament to the determination and tenacity required to provide innovative and effective engineering solutions,” adds Phil Redfern. Managing Director at React Engineering. “This venture brings together our complementary skills and expertise to offer solutions that are both robust and pragmatic.

“Most frameworks have built in commitments to deliver both local spend and SME spend targets. By integrating the services into a complete package this provides a sustainable and simple way of accessing key capabilities, based locally to the sites.”

Resolve Engineered Solutions is set to make a distinctive impact for several reasons:

The joint venture brings together React Engineering, the strategic project planner; Forth, the innovative engineering powerhouse; PAR Systems, the mechanical handling experts with a global reputation; and COMS, the pre-operations, commissioning, and integration specialist. This combination of skills enables Resolve to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Resolve's formation signifies a holistic approach to engineering challenges. By synergising the expertise of these four companies, clients can benefit from a streamlined and cohesive solution that addresses every aspect of a project.

The very essence of the name, ‘Resolve’, underscores the commitment to surmounting industry challenges.

Cliff Woodman, Business Director, COMS said: “There are times when being an SME has its strengths but there are opportunities we miss out on as a small company. With Resolve we are bringing together our areas of expertise into this collaboration to deliver the requirements of the nuclear sector.

“Resolve allows us to offer a wider service offering to meet client needs, leveraging existing relationships and helping Cumbrian companies to compete at the national, and hopefully in the future, international level. Together we can be a global player, delivering from Cumbria.”

The founding companies' extensive experience and track record underscore the potential of Resolve Engineered Solutions. Clients, including those in complex industries like nuclear, can anticipate an unparalleled level of service that integrates all elements of project delivery.

John McGibbon, Managing Director at PAR Systems, added that the collaboration will positively impact the wider Cumbria economy. He said: “With collaboration and Cumbrian enterprise at the heart, Resolve will need to utilise and partner with a wide range of other local companies. This will provide a platform for more Cumbrian businesses, with increased growth, employment opportunities and socio-economic benefit directly into the communities in which they are based.”


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