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Innovative cutting oils for non-ferrous metal processing

Resource-saving and efficient: Zeller+Gmelin presents new cutting oils for the Multicut range
Lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin is launching four new high-performance cutting oils for non-ferrous metal pro- cessing: Multicut Grind HP 15 NF for cylindrical or profile grinding, Multicut FSE HSC 15 NF for demanding high-speed machining, Multicut Basic HP 15 Extra NF as a universal product for steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as Multicut Plus 10 NF as an all-round cutting oil for conventional, medium-duty machining tasks.

Thanks to their special formulation, they easily cope with the special re- quirements when machining non-ferrous metals and at the same time deliver first-class results in terms of tool life and performance.
Sulphur additives are actually known to increase the performance of non water-misci- ble cooling lubricants. However, the resulting metal sulfide layer, which normally re- duces wear during machining and improves lubrication, proves to be extremely coun- terproductive when it comes to non-ferrous metals. Copper and copper-containing compounds such as bronze or brass in particular react sensitively to sulphur com- pounds. The consequences are increased corrosion, black spots, discoloured compo- nents and inferior part quality. And this in turn leads to disruptions in the production process, longer downtimes and waste of raw materials.
Sustainable and resource-saving cutting oils
With the special NF products from the Multicut portfolio, Zeller+Gmelin has specialized in lubricants that meet the technical challenges in non-ferrous metal processing. Ac- cording to the manufacturer, they are ideal for metal processing from turning, milling and drilling to thread processing and deep hole drilling. At the same time, the experts are constantly working to increase the efficiency, quality and sustainability of their cut- ting oils. And they are also looking for new, sustainable formulations: and are increas- ingly relying on contemporary base oils such as hydrocracking oils and resource-sav- ing esters.
Machining economically
“With Multicut we fully meet the increased requirements of a modern industry, because our cutting oils deliver excellent results even with demanding materials and in delicate machining processes,” emphasizes Dr. Irene Kreitmeir, product manager for lubricants at Zeller+Gmelin. Many of the extended formulations of the Multicut NF products are not only suitable for the most demanding machining tasks and difficult-to-machine ma- terials, but also specifically for the machining of sensitive non-ferrous metal alloys, such as beryllium copper, which is so often used in the watch industry. “A decisive factor of our Multicut NF cutting oils is the reduced consumption,” explains Dr. Irene Kreitmeir. “Due to the low oil mist formation and the low evaporation loss, oil consump- tion is reduced immensely, which means that companies can save costs in the long term.” In addition, there is the low foam formation and the good air separation capacity, which ensures uniform lubricating properties and thus leads to improved machining qualities and longer tool life. The high flash points of the Multicut NF cutting oils also ensure increased safety during handling and reduce the risk of fires or injuries.
A range for all requirements
The Multicut NF cutting oils are particularly suitable for sensitive non-ferrous metal alloys, but also for soft free-cutting steels, case-hardened and tempered steels and sometimes even for high-strength, acid- and rust-resistant steels.
As a high-performance grinding oil, Multicut Grind HP 15 NF is ideal for various ma- chining processes such as cylindrical or profile grinding. It offers a high pressure ab- sorption capacity, good wear protection and guarantees excellent surface quality. The product is not only suitable for grinding non-ferrous metals, but can also be used in machines that process non-ferrous metals. In addition, an approval from the grinding machine manufacturer Junker in Nordrach is available.
Multicut FSE HSC 15 NF is an innovative cutting oil for high-speed machining. It ena- bles the machining of soft steels, high-strength steels, rust-resistant steels and very sensitive non-ferrous metal alloys. The additive makes it particularly suitable for de- manding machining processes such as deep hole drilling and thread cutting. In addi- tion, it has proven itself in the Décolletage industry.
The cutting oil Multicut Basic HP 15 Extra NF is used for all types of steel as well as non-ferrous metals. It is used for the most difficult machining work, such as when ma- chining stainless steel rails or when drilling deep holes. The efficiency advantages are based on extremely stable temperature-viscosity behaviour and high thermal resili- ence.
Multicut Plus 10 NF is an all-round cutting oil compatible with non-ferrous metals and is particularly suitable for conventional, medium-duty cutting tasks. It can not only be used for steel and non-ferrous metals, but is also suitable for machines with non-fer- rous metal components. Like all Multicut products, it has good pressure absorption capacity and offers a high level of wear protection.
“All Multicut NF products are compatible with non-ferrous metals and offer manufac- turing companies specific advantages for various applications in metal processing,” emphasizes product manager Dr. Irene Kreitmeir concludes. “We would be happy to provide users and interested parties with personal advice on possible applications and processes.”


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