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The Future of Mesh-Free FEA Technology with Synera

Transformative Engineering with Intact.Simulation

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of a game-changer in engineering simulations on the Synera Marketplace—the Intact Simulation add-in, developed by the visionary team at Intact Solutions. This marks the 48th add-in on our platform, enriching Synera's portfolio with groundbreaking mesh-free FEA technology.

20+ Years in the Making

Intact Solutions has been at the forefront of engineering consultancy in the United States for over two decades. Their expertise in creating customized solutions has been recognized widely. With a successful stint in providing a grasshopper add-in, Intact has been steadily moving towards commercializing their technology, and their collaboration with Synera is a significant leap forward.
No-Meshing FEA Simulation

Intact.Simulation is more than just an add-in; it's a paradigm shift. The no-meshing FEA approach brings several advantages:

Eliminates the meshing bottleneck
Requires no pre-processing or geometry cleanup
Provides fast stress, modal, and thermal (planned) solvers
Analyzes bonded assemblies without the need for mating constraints
Seamlessly integrates with Synera for enhanced workflow‍
Advanced Analysis for Complex Structures

With Intact.Simulation, Synera users can now easily analyze complex structures, making it perfect for additive manufacturing applications like gyroid or lattice infilled parts. It's also adept at quickly investigating large welded assemblies. The add-in's ability to handle intricate geometries and rapid design iterations without a hitch is unparalleled.
Driving Innovation

The Intact.Simulation module represents Intact Solutions' commitment to bringing robust, industry-leading technology to Synera's platform. It empowers engineers to innovate freely, backed by more than twenty years of consulting expertise.
Conclusion: A New Era of Simulation

Join us in embracing the Intact.Simulation add-in. It's not just an addition to Synera's suite of tools; it's the ushering in of a new era of simulation. With Intact Solutions' expertise and Synera's dynamic platform, the possibilities are boundless.
Discover the Intact.Simulation Add-In on Synera Marketplace:

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