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Xerox Introduces Comprehensive Healthcare Management and Analytics Platform

An advanced healthcare analytics and workflow software package, the Juvo Care Performance Platform is being launched by Midas+, A Xerox (NYSE: XRX) Company, to collect and analyze today's massive amount of patient-care data and deliver detailed recommendations for better healthcare.

Through this next generation of software and applications, Juvo maintains and processes data to analyze every aspect of the clinical cycle of care. This cycle includes tracking patients' individual cases from admission to discharge; managing insurance reimbursements; monitoring the quality of care through physician activities and health outcomes; controlling diseases and infections; and managing regulatory compliance. Juvo predicts patient and financial outcomes – delivering real-time information and alerts to help healthcare providers better manage patient safety, operational performance and quality ratings that are monitored by regulatory agencies.

"As our healthcare system shifts to pay-for-performance models, healthcare providers are focused on understanding their patients, engaging them in a timely manner and improving care at a reduced cost," said Justin Lanning, senior vice president and a managing director of Healthcare Provider Solutions at Xerox. "Juvo simplifies the process of identifying and addressing inefficiencies and tracking progress so providers can focus on what matters most – caring for patients."

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, a three-facility hospital system in South Carolina, is an active Juvo-testing partner.

"Our relationship with the earlier generation of Midas+ software spans more than 15 years and has helped us stay ahead of the curve," said Heather Bendyk, director of quality services at Spartanburg. "This product helps us look for trends in care by providing much needed data. We expect Juvo will deliver even better care recommendations."

Capabilities and advantages of the Juvo platform include:
Analysis of a large sample of information to provide more advanced analytics. Juvo currently processes real-time, patient care-related data from more than 1,900 hospitals, along with data from national claims and continuity-of-care documents (CCDs) used in transferring patients' medical information electronically between hospitals. This enables better predictive analytics that detect emerging complications and send real-time alerts to clinicians to enable them to prevent negative health outcomes. The large sampling also improves comparative analyses that help hospitals gauge how they are performing.
Innovative apps that deliver role-specific insights to increase workflow efficiency. Juvo workflow apps provide data visualization via intuitive, interactive dashboards that are configured to the role of hospital staff to deliver alerts and information relevant to their position. Juvo apps are developed using the research of Xerox ethnographers who observe and analyze customer work practices and needs. For example, the Digital Assistant mobile app was developed after Xerox ethnographers tracked nurses' work habits and found that only 30 percent of their day is dedicated to patient care, while 70 percent is consumed by administrative duties such as searching for patient records and transferring paper notes to electronic records. Digital Assistant enables nurses to update patients' information on a mobile device and displays past, current and planned actions for a patient in real time to maximize efficiency. The Juvo platform also offers an app that gives C-suite executives access to real-time, trending and comparative insights on their hospital's performance. An app for managers provides a view of staff's cadence of activities to ensure optimal patient flow and outcomes.
Hardware, implementation and system maintenance efficiencies. Juvo's web-enabled platform is available in both Xerox-hosted and locally-hosted models.



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