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bvdm climate initiative offers forest reforestation in Germany

With immediate effect, the climate initiative of the print and media associations supports climate protection projects in Germany. In addition to the well-known certified climate protection, the regional climate can thus be improved and the German forest stock promoted.

The Kyoto Protocol, the most important instrument in international climate policy, stipulates that, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, climate protection must be implemented where it can achieve good sustainable effects with efficient and additional measures. For this reason, CO2 emissions are offset by means of the internationally recognised Gold Standard mainly in developing countries. For companies that would like to become additionally involved in Germany, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation, together with the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald, now offers the opportunity to participate in an important reforestation project in Germany. The selected reforestation area is located in Siebenbäumen, district of Herzogtum-Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein. The so-called ash shoot dieback - caused by a fungus - was rampant on this area. The ash stands have declined sharply and are now to be reforested through the "Climate Protection German Forest" project.
Every compensation via the Gold Standard certified climate protection projects can be combined with the "Climate Protection German Forest" within the CO2 calculator, i.e. the planting of a new tree can be added for every tonne of CO2 compensated. The print shop receives an additional certificate for its client for the tree plantations carried out.


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