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Why should eco-labels not be missing on a packaging or display?

If sustainability is important to you as a company and/or to your customers, you certainly also pay attention to sustainable solutions for the packaging and distribution of your products. But how do you communicate this? Do you assume that everyone automatically knows that your packaging is sustainable? - Don't leave it to chance and use recognised eco-labels for communication! For end consumers, sustainability is increasingly becoming a purchase criterion. Sustainable packaging that is environmentally friendly can play a decisive role in this. The best way to make the ecological advantages visible is directly on the packaging or on the display with a suitable eco-label.

Choosing the right eco-label
Eco-labels or eco-signets are symbols or logos that clearly indicate at first glance what material the packaging or display is made of and what ecological raw material, material or recycling properties are associated with it.
The corresponding eco-label guides the end consumer on how to handle the packaging or display after use and how to dispose of it in a properly environmentally friendly manner. Last but not least, an eco-label increases the good feeling of the environmentally conscious end consumer, who is clearly signalled that it was the right choice and that the purchased goods were packaged sustainably.
Various eco-labels are currently in use.
Not all of them are officially recognised and tested by certified organisations. At THIMM we use internationally understandable eco-labels, which you can also use on packaging and also display solutions from THIMM, depending on the material used.
Recycling symbol (Möbius strip)
Recycling Code PAP 20
RESY symbol
Eco signet of the VDW "Packaging made of corrugated board: renewable raw materials, complete recycling".
FSC® logo




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