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Xerox Transportation Technology on Display at LA ExpressPark Launch, ITS America 2012 Annual Expo

Drivers in downtown Los Angeles may have more time on their hands starting today. LA ExpressPark™ goes live, an advanced parking system developed by Xerox (NYSE: XRX) and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), that applies new technology and demand-based pricing to increase the availability of limited parking spaces, relieve traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.

The one-year pilot funded by a $15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation includes:

Real-Time Parking Guidance Systems – Information will be displayed on street-side signs and a smartphone app called Parker™ from Streetline, which enables motorists to view parking options based on pricing, location and real-time availability. Sensors in the parking spaces track occupancy and update the app when a space becomes available.

New Parking Meter Technology – New meters and upgraded multi-space pay stations will be installed for approximately 6,000 on-street parking spaces. The new meters will accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, coins and payments made by phone that are charged to a driver's account.

Parking Management System – Xerox will deliver its Merge™ Parking Management System to process all parking-related transactions and provide real-time parking data analytics to LADOT and drivers.

"Downtown is the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and has experienced significant growth over the last decade," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "LA ExpressPark's dynamic system will make parking in downtown easier, faster, and smarter for all Angelenos."

"Years of planning, research and innovation are playing out on the streets of Los Angeles in an effort to better serve its citizens," said Dave Amoriell, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Transportation, Central and Local Government Sector, Xerox. "Intelligent parking services, like LA ExpressPark, make it easier for people to find and pay for parking. This keeps traffic flowing, reduces time spent and fuel consumed searching for a parking space and creates more frequent turnover for businesses."

Xerox Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ursula Burns will be speaking on May 21 about LA ExpressPark, and several of Xerox's groundbreaking transportation solutions during the opening plenary session at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America's (ITSA) 22nd Annual Meeting and Exposition. The keynote session can be viewed live today at 10 a.m. ET at http://www.itsa.org/annualmeeting/livestream.

ITS America Expo, which runs May 21-23 in National Harbor, Maryland, will focus on how city, state and national agencies can leverage advances in transportation technology to create more efficient, safer and cleaner communities.

The transportation technologies Xerox will showcase at ITS America Expo include:

Congestion Management Tolling – Xerox's unique, dynamic pricing algorithms help improve parking and tolling management by adjusting prices at any given time based on current demand to help keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion. Xerox will demonstrate how its expertise in imaging is being applied to dynamic pricing technology to improve collection and enforcement.

Public Transit – Xerox will demonstrate the SmartTraveler Plus app, which gives commuters mobile access to real-time schedule and route information via phone and personal computing devices.

Data Analytics – Using data that transportation agencies already have, Xerox will show how they are able to "make sense" of that information so transportation managers can find patterns, trends and solutions. By using a "city dashboard," including heat maps that illustrate different levels of transportation activity, city managers get an accurate snapshot at any given moment in various parts of a city.

Xerox is a leader in the implementation of technology in transportation including operating the PrePass system which electronically screens and clears 425,000 registered trucks and is the single largest nationwide ITS implementation in the United States.



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