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Epson America Launches 'Epson Active' Product Category of Sports, Fitness and Health Wearables with Sports Celebrities

Pioneering the Future of Wearables, Epson Active Products Empower and Inspire Consumers to Achieve Their Sports, Fitness and Lifestyle Goals

Epson America today announced its new Epson Active product category that represents the company's product umbrella for sports, fitness and health wearables including the Pulsense™ continuous heart rate activity monitors, Runsense™ GPS sports and running monitors, and M-Tracer golf swing analyzers.

Dedicated to pioneering the future of wearables, these devices leverage Epson's leadership in sensing technology to improve consumers' lifestyle, fitness and sports performance through accurate data and easy-to-interpret feedback. Epson Active has the support of world-renowned sports and fitness professionals including celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson; Olympic silver medalist, Meb Keflezighi; and one of the world's top golf instructors, David Leadbetter.

"We are committed to developing technology that inspires and empowers people all over the world, and our new Epson Active fitness and sports wearables move consumers in a powerful way to take control of their lifestyle, fitness and sports goals," said Rajeev Mishra, Vice President, North America Commercial Marketing and New Business Development. "We are proud to connect with key fitness and sports celebrities such as Gunnar, Meb and David, and to have them support our Epson Active products. Just as they are leaders in their respective professions, we plan to drive the direction of the future of wearables for sports and fitness."

"I applaud Epson's work in developing technologies that provide valuable, inspiring data for consumers helping them to lead healthier lifestyles," said celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. "My career has been based on helping clients achieve their goals, and managing intensity levels is a critical part of my training philosophy. Epson's Pulsense gives users an easy way to know their current heart rate zone which empowers consumers to train much smarter."

Epson's Runsense continuous heart rate and GPS sports monitors feature Epson's proprietary bio-sensing, GPS-tracking and motion-sensing technologies to help runners of all levels measure, analyze, compare and share performance data from their runs. The compact and sleek design features a scratch-resistant interactive display that allows users to tap to scroll through four customizable screens with real-time data of up to 35 different measurements, including continuous heart rate, time elapsed, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed, calories burned and many more.

"Epson's Runsense is the ideal product for keeping me on track during my workouts with real-time updates on the most important data," said Meb Keflezighi, Olympic silver medalist and winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, the first American male to do so since 1983. "Runsense provides meaningful data that is easy to use and interpret to monitor and improve performance, making it great for runners of all levels. The data is extremely accurate, and allows me to train in specific heart rate zones that I can customize based on my personal training regimen."

While Pulsense and Runsense are wearables for the wrist, Epson's M-Tracer is a wearable for the golf club. Mounting to the bottom of the golf grip, the M-Tracer swing analyzer provides detailed information and insight to golfers of all ages and skill levels to help them improve their swings. M-Tracer tracks and records the swing path of the club, club-head speed, club-head path, face angle at the time of impact, tempo and more.

"Golf is a highly technical sport where the smallest details and adjustments can make all the difference in getting the best out of your game. The Epson M-Tracer golf swing analyzers provide real-time feedback and helps golfers understand exactly what is happening throughout their swing," said David Leadbetter, world-renowned instructor, owner of over 20 golf academies around the world and Golf Digest Teaching Professional. "This information empowers golfers to improve their swing in an easy and intuitive manner."




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