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X-Rite's 5Cs


Colour, China Print, Consistency, Customise, Customers: Peter He, Vice-President for Sales Greater China from X-Rite Asia Pacific Limited, sums up for Print World Asia. Christel Lee reports.

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At China Print one could see a handful of exhibitors showcasing similar products to the same customers. However, China itself is a market force to be reckoned with. While some were impressed by the rate of production churned out in the republic just to keep up, there was however another group who felt less confident.

X-Rite is one of the major players in colour management, catering for higher and higher market expectation and demand in the massive republic. Peter He, Vice-President for Sales Greater China, has been actively presenting its solutions to prospects at China Print. His two-decade span in the industry has shown him just how printers in the republic have changed.

alt"Printers' standards of colour management are getting higher. They have also begun to exhibit signs of wanting to stabilise or enhance their qualities, reduce wastage and costs. They are always on the lookout for solutions to these challenges. Colour management has recently been the focus within the full process from prepress to printing for printers. While printers have embraced the idea of investing in solutions and products, they still grapple with control and integration," He observed.

Attributing these situations to escalating global demands and output from China, he added X-Rite had been working to stand out among competitors by providing full solutions and added values. "It's of utmost importance to deliver complete solutions, optimum support and service to customers. Times have evolved the game plan. We have also begun having to be abreast of customers' developments and provide a customized solution to help in the business – to remain competitive," He explained.

Colour Fidelity in He's opinion has found its way into the packaging world – implying X-Rite's direction in the business for China. However, the company's commitment to colour accuracy and consistency is prevalently recognised in the republic. "We are present in every printer's stable, the only question is how much of us is in them.

"China is a republic with a massive population, and living standards are escalating in proportion. That places packaging in a position of growth and that includes digital packaging printing," He commented.



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