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Premiere of smartLAB connects

Running over two days from 7 to 8 September, the first-ever smartLAB connects, a digital conference supporting the LABVOLUTION trade fair, will substitute as a "digital layover” for this European showcase for innovative laboratory equipment and optimization of laboratory workflows. This new development is due to the pandemic, which has made it impossible to host the Hannover-based trade fair as an onsite event this year.

Soft robot technology – Smart elastomers are making the robots of the future more touchy-feely

Imagine flexible surgical instruments that can twist and turn in all directions like miniature octopus arms, or how about large and powerful robot tentacles that can work closely and safely with human workers on production lines. A new generation of robotic tools are beginning to be realized thanks to a combination of strong ‘muscles’ and sensitive ‘nerves’ created from smart polymeric materials. A research team led by the smart materials experts Professor Stefan Seelecke and Junior Professor Gianluca Rizzello at Saarland University is exploring fundamental aspects of this exciting field of soft robotics.

Another adphos instantaneous drying solution for battery production lines

Again, a leading Asian battery company has selected adphos proprietary aNIR® -drying solution for its new processing lines. This time the drying of barrier coatings for battery separators on temperature sensitive polymer films will be realized in the new production lines with aNIR®-driers.

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