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Self-driving pilot in Gjesdal, Norway opens for passengers

Sensible 4 self-driving pilot in Gjesdal, Norway opens for passengers. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project FABULOS has been running in Norway since late January without passengers due to the requirements of local road authorities. Now the first phase including 500 hours of autonomous piloting is conducted without incidents or major issues and therefore the pilot opened for passengers this Monday.

Merck and Transylvanian Institute of Neuroscience Cooperate on Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

Merck today announced a three-year collaboration with the Transylvanian Institute of Neuroscience (TINS), based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Three-year collaboration in fundamental research
Partners to conduct research on the fundamental principles of intelligence

Helsinki aims to use personal data on behalf of the citizens - on citizens’ term

The City of Helsinki, Finland, aims to offer its citizens the possibility to better manage the personal information the city gathers from them. At the same time, the city is developing data-based city services that are timely and even predictive. Helsinki has chosen Vastuu Group Ltd to be their MyData operator. It develops personal data-based services for Helsinki together with Fujitsu Finland, Nixu Oyj, Personium, and 1001 Lakes.

Prestigious Sci-Tech Oscar goes to three former computer science PhD students from Saarbrücken

The "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" not only awards actors and filmmakers with the distinction known as the "Oscar." Oscars are also awarded for technical merit. This year, the basic research and technological development of the "Intel Embree Ray Tracing Library" will be honored with the Technical Achievement Award. Three award winners earned their doctorates under Philipp Slusallek at Saarland University. The university professor and DFKI researcher has significantly advanced the award-winning ray tracing technology over the past two decades. Today, this technology provides many Hollywood movies and computer games with the perfect images and can also recently be found in almost all graphics processors.

Arkema launches its program Start-up Connect

This new program invites start-ups specializing in advanced materials from around the world to join forces with Arkema to establish a privileged research collaboration and benefit from the Group’s support and technological experience. By providing technical or financial support for these innovations, Start-up Connect will be a strategic component of Arkema’s development within an ecosystem of responsible innovation.

Artificial feathers give flight to robotic birds

Festo presents its new bionic project “BionicSwift”
Thanks to radio-based indoor GPS with ultra-wideband technology (UWB) the BionicSwifts can fly safely and in a coordinated pattern in a defined airspace. To execute these flight manoeuvres as true to life as possible, the wings are modelled on the plumage of real birds. The agility of the artificial birds is not just due to their lightweight design and aerodynamic kinematics, but also to the use of function integration.

Merck at CES 2021: Materials and Solutions for Advancing Digital Living

Merck will present its latest technology advancements for the electronics industry at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.

Merck shares its vision for Advancing Digital Living at CES 2021
As the company behind the companies, Merck’s innovative materials and solutions enable the digital transformation accelerated by the global pandemic

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