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COBOD Configurator out now

Create your own 3D construction printer

Our COBOD Configurator is finally out! You are now able to configure your own printer in all our sizes up to 3 story buildings using our modular system, showing batch plant, print time and material use for our used case buildings. We have also implemented simulation of printing of buildings in different sizes including our very first BOD building.

Africa’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing project announced in Kenya

● Advanced technology drives Africa’s delivery of affordable climate-smart housing

● New development secures IFC-EDGE green buildings sustainable design certificate - creating resource-efficient and zero-carbon buildings at scale

● The 52 house community in Kenya supports President Kenyatta’s “Big 4” agenda deliverable to increase affordable housing

Preserving our Global Heritage Through 3D Imaging – commentary by tech entrepreneur and art collector John Dodelande

After news of the Notre Dame’s fire in 2019, everyone has been left to wonder if it can even be restored at all to its previous state. Luckily, Andrew Tallon scanned the entire cathedral in 2015, creating a perfect digital copy. With 3D technology to digitize art and landmarks, we now have a way to preserve our global heritage and historical landmarks.

The world's first 3D printed school made by 14Trees (LafargeHolcim) with a COBOD printer was inaugurated in Malawi, Africa.

- The students were installed on 21 June

- The school was printed in 18 hours, according to 14Trees and LafargeHolcim.
- Malawi's director of education impressed with school
- Africa has a huge deficit of schools and classrooms; 36,000 in Malawi alone, UNICEF says
- 14Trees wants to expand use of 3DCP technology in other African countries

The BOD2 printing in Florida, US

COBOD continues to expand by selling its BOD 2 printers and printing complex buildings and wind turbine towers worldwide. Printed Farms, a company located in Wellington, FL, partnered with COBOD to advance the construction of buildings in Florida. With the BOD 2, Printed Farms plans to create more sustainable buildings in Florida and build more hurricane and flood-resistant buildings.

GE puts COBOD’s 3D concrete printing technology on the table for President Biden and the World

President Joe Biden hosted the Climate Summit in April, and GE, one of COBOD’s partners, presented their work in front of President Biden and other leaders from 16 different countries. Danielle Merfeld, GE Renewable Energy CTO adressed the Leaders Summit on Climate organized by the White House.

Habitat for Humanity uses COBOD’s 3D construction printer to print affordable housing in Arizona

In the face of an acute affordable housing shortage, Habitat is looking for game changing scalable and affordable home-ownership solutions. The lack of affordable housing in the Phoenix metro is at an all-time high and Habitat continues to explore innovative ways to address the critical issue.

3D printed concrete formwork

Create complex concrete formwork faster and cheaper with digital production
Concrete formwork in construction can account for 40-60% of the total budget, especially for complex shapes like curved concrete formwork. Some designs such as organic geometries, double curved surfaces and voids are simply not feasible as they require highly skilled labour to produce bespoke formwork, resulting in high costs, long lead times and wasted materials.

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