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Ceram-Screens – A climate responsive 3D printed parametric façade

By Monisha Sridhara – Tutor: Nikoletta Karastathi, Arthur Prior
The project Ceram-Screens by Monisha Sridhara draws inspiration from traditional stone-carved Jaali screens, commonly found in Indian architecture. These ornamental structures serve a dual function, providing light and heat control by reducing solar glare and enhancing ventilation. Originally crafted from natural materials like stone and wood, their intricate design is meant to produce cooler air by utilizing the principle of contraction—allowing hot air to contract as it passes through their small openings, becoming cooler.

WASP’s technology in service of the students at Bartlett School of Architecture – University College London

This is how students at Bartlett School of Architecture are developing their Master’s thesis In Design for Manufacture using WASP’s 3D printing technology
Since 2012, WASP has consistently embraced the world of university research, deploying its technology on university campuses across Europe and worldwide. For over 2 years, the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL (University College London) has hosted a Delta WASP 40100 Clay in its labs, utilized by students of the Design for Manufacture faculty for research and the execution of their thesis projects.

Central Asia's first 3D printed house built to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale

BM Partners completed Central Asia's first 3D printed house in Almaty, Kazakhstan, meeting strict seismic regulations.

Using extra-strong concrete, normally used for highly loaded structures such as skyscrapers and bridges, and other seismic precautions, the house is designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.

The entire building, with a floor area of 100 m2 (1076 square feet), was constructed in less than two months, with the walls printed in just five days.

To cope with the extreme temperature variations in Kazakhstan, the building also contains expanded polystyrene concrete for insulation.

A unique Ceramic 3D Printed Pendant Lamp | Haibu Suspension

WASP is the technical partner of Paolo Castelli Spa in the creation of Haibu, an innovative project featuring light, 3D printing, and the functional versatility of stoneware.
On the occasion of the 2024 edition of Salone del Mobile, Paolo Castelli Spa presented a unique 3D printed ceramic suspension lamp named 'Haibu', an innovative project featuring light, 3D printing, and the functional versatility of stoneware.

Holcim completes first 3D printed building on site in Switzerland

Holcim Switzerland, with the assistance of PERI 3D Construction, completed the 6.2 metre high walls in just 55 hours over 8 days.

Holcim, with the assistance of PERI 3D Construction, completed the 6.2 metre high walls in just 55 hours over 8 days.

The mainly curved 3D printed walls reach a height of 6.2 metres and contain 60 m3 of concrete.

Wall Cladding 3D Printing in Ceramic| WASP Residency

WASP is the technical partner of IOUS Studio for the creation of a 3D printed wall cladding for Milan Design Week.
3D Printed Ceramic Tiles for Wall Cladding | WASP Residency of IOUS Studio
For the occasion of Salone del Mobile, during Milan Design Week, IOUS Studio reached out to WASP for the creation of Fusion: a 3D printed wall cladding in ceramic created using WASP 40100 Production.

3D printing of recyclable processed construction waste for mold making

voxeljet and Parastruct have successfully used binder jetting 3D printing to investigate the processing of recycled, biogenic, and mineral waste materials from the construction industry in an initial proof of concept.

Parastruct’s material and binder technology is fully recyclable and can reduce primary resource consumption by up to 90% while minimizing disposal costs.
The next step is to develop the technology further with application partners in mold making for cold casting and laminating applications.

Portugal's first 3D printed house demonstrates the speed and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing in construction

Havelar, in Porto, has completed the first 3D printed house in Portugal, using COBOD's construction 3D printing technology, 3D printing a modern 80 m2 2-bedroom house in just 18 hours.

The fast execution of the 3D printed walls allows Havelar to offer new houses completely done in less than 2 months, more than twice as fast as what is common in the market.

Due to the use of 3D printing in construction, Havelar is able to offer new mid-level contemporary design homes for only 1,500 euros per m2, well below current market prices.

Xuberance Breaks the Mold with 3D Printed Furniture and Lifestyle Products

Hailing from Beijing, China, Xuberance is a product design firm that leverages 3D printing technology to create unique furniture pieces and accessories. By embracing BigRep’s large-scale 3D printers, Xuberance is writing a new design narrative that combines sustainability and unparalleled design freedom.

Emaar unveils Dubai's first 3D printed villa home using COBOD technology, a hidden gem of 2019

Last week, at a launch event involving Xiaomi's Smart living concept, Emaar finally unveiled Dubai's first 3D printed "villa" house, which was previously delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 202m2 (2,175 SF) home with integrated parking, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms represents one of the most impressive examples of what 3D printing can do for architectural design and the housing market.

3D printing mycelium reinforced structures with MyCera

“MyCera. Application of mycelial growth within digitally manufactured clay structures" published by Shape Lab - Institute of Architecture and Media, Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)
At the Institute of Architecture and Media at Graz University of Technology, the Shape Lab research group developed a new material named MyCera composed of clay, wood sawdust, and mycelium (vegetative part of fungi).

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