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All About... Sustainability is live

sustainLaunch of the brand new magazine for sustainability with a focus on the Print and Packaging industry but not exclusively on those, coincides with virtual.drupa.

It was long before Greta Thunberg started her “Skolstrejk För Klimatet” (School
Strike for Climate) in 2018 that have we been talking about sustainability.
Whoever still remembers the start of Global Print Monitor in 2008, most likely also thinks about the launch of a trade magazine, that offers more to the printing community – and even at that time we already established the category sustainability. And now the time has come to take an additional step and launch a magazine that encompasses and combines all the efforts that members of the print and publishing community but not exclusively those and many more engage in, when it comes to sustainability: All About… Sustainability (www.sustainability.4your.biz) is here.
News, editorial, captivating stories as well as research and innovation, organisational efforts, among others that is happening all around sustainability, climate change, the circular economy and more find their place and offer an exciting read, give food for thought and might offer the sustainable solution for you that you look for.
Sustainability – a wide range
Sustainability is or is not an expression that means all of the below
• Waste and Water Management
• Climate protection
• Inks that are climate-friendly, biodegradable and ink savings
• Paper, corrugated and cardboard as well as other materials that come from renewable and recycled sources as well as the whole sourcing process, the afterlife of products and materials
• printing processes that save on ink, water, energy and more as well as their streamlined workflows using less raw materials
• logistics and transport whose environmental footprint is reduced towards the absolute minimum
• smart cities, cars, factories, health and also living that leaves a lower and lower impact on the planet earth and its resources by humans
• energy that is retrieved from renewable resources
• clean water, a restricted resource on our planet, needs to get saved, and less used for manufacturing processes etc.
and much more
That is why All About… Sustainability (www.sustainability.4your.biz) is here.
Consumers want sustainability
Latest since Covid-19 started striking country after country, humankind got aware of the power of nature. People humbly recognise that only sustainability and acting sustainable will save and secure their future. If not already before, the pandemic has changed humankinds behaviour.
• 80 % of Germans are willing to pay up to 6.5 per cent more for a sustainable product*
• more than 90 per cent of consumers think climate protection is important**
• 60 per cent of consumers try to buy environmentally friendly products as often as possible**
• 50 per cent of consumers take note of CO2-emission of food products (38 per cent of drugstore/chemist products)**
and there is more, much more…
That is why All About… Sustainability (www.sustainability.4your.biz) is here.
New normal
People around the world take note of all the changes around them. Waste – ocean waste, landfills and others – are looked upon negatively because they impact the environment negatively. Our wide range of animals are dying and becoming extinct. The eon’s old balance of our planet is getting out of control. Heat, freeze, water levels rising,, droughts, fires, plants suffering are some of the effects that we can see already becoming the “new normal”.
“New normal” an expression that is more than referring to the pandemic rampaging planet Earth. It also refers to all the damage that humankind has done to the planet. It refers to humankinds’ efforts to not only “repair” Earth but also save it and its manifold living beings – be they plants, animals, humans or even resources.
This “new normal” has given us a clean slate that we are allowed to write upon. It gives us an opportunity, a chance and the once in a lifetime significant possibility to change our behaviour towards any and all life and non-life. Let us all take this potential in our own hands and write on that slate only good things that benefit all, everyone and every thing. Help us to be sustainable and act sustainable for the wellbeing and balance of Earth.
That is why All About… Sustainability (www.sustainability.4your.biz) is here.

Climate Awareness Report 2021: Great demand for carbon-neutral products

Majority of consumers welcome carbon labels as a decision-making tool when shopping
Consumers are increasingly thinking about how their personal consumption can support climate action. In this context, labels that inform consumers about the CO2 emissions or the carbon neutrality of a product serve as important decision-making tools. This is the result of a representative survey conducted as part of the Climate Awareness Report 2021, which ClimatePartner is presenting for the first time.

Epson Joins RE100 Initiative and Reconfirms Commitment to 100% Renewable Electricity

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has announced it will be joining RE100, a global initiative that brings together the world's most influential businesses driving the transition to 100% renewable electricity. Epson had in March 2021 announced that its worldwide Group sites*1 will all meet their electricity needs from 100% renewable energy sources (renewable electricity) by 2023.

Extensive paper portfolio from Mondi's Neusiedler mill in Austria is now CO2 neutral

Mondi now offers an extensive portfolio of CO2-neutral paper for professional printing, office use and premium packaging from the Mondi Neusiedler mill.

Mondi is thus responding to increasing customer demand for CO2-neutral products.
The new offer builds on the tradition of sustainable and CO2-neutral paper from the Mondi Neusiedler mill.

Supporting the environment through operational improvements

As we observe Earth Month throughout April, it’s important to take stock of our changing natural environment. Rising temperatures and the breakdown of natural systems have widespread impacts, ranging from elevated pollution levels to increased frequency of extreme weather events. These challenges impact the health of our planet and its people, and they require collaborative solutions. As a global company with a diverse portfolio of products, 3M is well-positioned to help with these solutions and can drive impact through improvements in its operations.

Sonoco Consumer Products Europe signs agreement with ACE UK to launch UK-wide paper container recycling

Pringles tubes now included in Bring Bank scheme

The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK) and Sonoco Europe have signed an agreement which provides a UK-wide recycling solution for paper containers with metal ends, through ACE UK’s Bring Bank collection scheme.

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