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Labor Shortage: How to Automate Small and Midsized Enterprises

Labor shortage has become one of the most pressing challenges for small and midsized enterprises (SME) in OECD countries. The manufacturing sector is hit especially hard by high job vacancy rates. Since robots are becoming easier to install, implement and operate, SMEs have greater access to automation. The new Go4Robotics online platform by IFR provides independent guidance for their automation journey.

Cybersecurity Challenges Emerge as NATO Summit Approaches: Expert Urges Proactive Solutions

The rising cybersecurity threat around political events is increasing in the coming weeks of the NATO Summit happening in Vilnius, Lithuania. Businesses directly and indirectly involved in these events face increased vulnerability and need to take proactive cyber security actions, expert Tomas Stamulis says.

The role of storage systems in the face of disrupted supply chains

The disrupted supply chains due to the effects of the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war have led to product scarcity, rising costs, and extended delivery times. Increasing storage capacities is one possible solution. However, obtaining storage technology is currently also challenging and comes with high investment costs. Buying used equipment offers an alternative.

Keypoint Intelligence Evaluates Buyer Personas of Gen Z and Analyzes Social Media Tools to Reach Younger Audiences

Keypoint Intelligence recently published a Buyer Persona Analysis of Gen Z consumers for OEMs looking to market to this audience. The report looks at what channels this demographic interacts with, values as it relates to brand selection and loyalty, and what marketing tools can be effective in reaching a Gen Z audience.

Latest study in the USA shows: More consumers want a printed receipt

Majority of American consumers prefer a paper receipt over an electronic receipt for private retail purchases, according to latest study
Paper receipts have the decisive advantage of better protection of private data in the view of the majority of American consumers
Eight out of ten American consumers want to choose between a paper receipt and an electronic receipt for personal purchases

Growth Summit 2023: Job Creation and Reskilling Must Be Central to Growth in the Age of Uncertainty, Advancing AI and the Green Transition

Leaders and experts call for a new agenda to drive inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth

The Forum releases new data on the economic outlook and the future of jobs
Efforts to increase growth and create jobs must take into account profound changes in the economic landscape – advancing AI, greater localization and the green transition
Over 20 high-impact initiatives were advanced at the summit, with a focus on education, skills, health and jobs

ABB unveils Unstoppable film series to underline the lives of women in industry and advocate for diversity

• Film series will raise awareness of diversity and inclusion to encourage more women to take STEM career paths

• Three leaders from Sappi, Copperstone Resources and Tata Steel tell their stories of breaking down barriers across industries

• Figures from one industry show that less than a quarter of roles are currently held by women

Apex International Supports STEM Education through Sponsorships

Apex Becomes a 2023 Sponsor of WQED “Inquire Within” PBS Program.

Apex International, global manufacturer of anilox and embossing roll solutions, is proud to announce their sponsorship of WQED’s Inquire Within educational TV programs. This year long program is a collaboration between the WQED TV Network and multiple community organizations, to bring at-home education to underserved families.

Foodservice trends and predictions for 2023

The foodservice packaging industry is a fast-paced sector responding to new consumer demands for sustainable alternatives to navigating a range of incoming government legislation. For years, foodservice packaging suppliers have adapted to these evolving requirements to ensure they serve food-to-go outlets such as restaurants, takeaways, and, more recently, supermarkets with functional, compliant, and innovative solutions.

Ninety-two percent of organizations think they need to do more to reassure customers about how their data is used in AI, new Cisco research finds

Cisco's 2023 Data Privacy Benchmark Study reveals that to build trust, organizations focus primarily on compliance, whereas consumers value transparency most. 92% of respondents say their organization needs to do more to reassure customers about how their data is used in AI.

Organizations are getting a strong 1.8 times return on their privacy investments, with estimated benefits up significantly in the past year.
90% of respondents believe global providers can better protect their data compared to local providers.
The benchmark is an anonymous survey across 26 geographies* of more than 3100 security professionals familiar with data privacy.

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