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World's Largest AI Companies Added Over $1.8 Trillion to Their Stock Values in Q1, more than 60% of their Total 2023 Gains

After adding trillions of dollars to their stock values in 2023, the world's largest AI companies are having another fantastic year. The surging interest in AI technology has helped these giants stay at the frontline of the stock market rally and grow their stock values even more.

Keypoint Intelligence Unveils the Industry’s First Global DTF Forecast Report: Navigating the Future of Direct-to-Film Technology

Keypoint Intelligence, the global data and market intelligence leader for the digital imaging industry, has unveiled its 2022-2027 Global DTF Forecast, a comprehensive analysis dedicated to the Direct-to-Film (DTF) market. This forecast is designed to reveal the projected growth and dynamics of the DTF industry, offering an intuitive analysis and insight.

The World Spent $42.5 Trillion on Information Technology in a Decade, more than the GDP of the US and China Combined

Each year, companies and consumers worldwide spend trillions of dollars on information technology, including devices like PCs, tablets, mobile phones, printers, enterprise software, data center systems, and communications services. And while 2024 is on track to set a new record, with global IT spending rising to over $5 trillion, the cumulative figures for the past decade are even more impressive.

A Turnaround in Labeling and Product Decoration Market with a Positive Outlook on the Horizon

Labeling and product decoration is critical to the packaging industry, combining the essential information to identify a product with the sales enhancement properties of branding and on-shelf visibility.

The state of the market is documented in the newly-published 18th edition of AWA Labeling and Product Decoration Market Report 2024. It explores all the different facets of the subject across the main labeling formats – pressure-sensitive, glue-applied, sleeving, in-mold labels – and their supply chain characteristics.

Machine Learning will Make Almost 70% of Total AI Market Value in 2024

The surging demand for AI-driven solutions across industries continues fuelling machine learning market growth, helping it reach a new record valuation and further increase its market share in the artificial intelligence landscape.

According to data presented by Altindex.com, the machine learning industry is expected to hit a $204 billion value in 2024, making up nearly 70% of the total AI market size.

Machine Learning Market Size Quadrupled in Four Years

The machine learning industry's growth in recent years has been nothing less than impressive. This AI technology, which reduces friction at every stage of a business, from decision-making and developing new product ideas to manufacturing, logistics, and delivering the goods to clients, has found its use across industries, helping the entire market to grow tremendously.

Back in 2020, the global machine learning industry was valued at roughly $60 billion, representing 54% of the total AI market size. Just a year later, this figure more than doubled and hit $134.5 billion, with machine learning's market share rising to 59%.

After a considerable setback in 2022, the market continued surging last year. Statistics show the machine learning sector skyrocketed by 120% in 2023, twice and even three times the growth of any other segment of the AI industry. This caused machine learning market size to jump to $158.8 billion, representing 65% of the total AI market value.

Although 2024 will bring much smaller growth of 28%, the machine learning industry is still expected to hit a record valuation of over $204 billion. With more and more businesses recognizing the potential of the technology and investing in its applications, the entire market is expected to hit a $528 billion value by 2030, making 72% of the total AI market size.

US Machine Learning Industry to Make One-Third of Market Value in 2024

Analyzed by geography, the United States is, without a doubt, the world's largest machine learning industry. According to Statista, the US machine learning sector will grow 24% year-over-year and hit a $70 billion valuation in 2024, making up one-third of the total market value. This figure is forecasted to jump by a further 142% and hit $170 billion by 2030.

Although still behind the United States, the Asian machine learning market is set to grow even more. Thanks to its large population, diverse sectors, and increasing investment in technological infrastructure, the Asian market is expected to see an impressive 34% growth year-over-year, resulting in a market size of $55.1 billion in 2024. By 2030, this figure will skyrocket by 178% and hit $153 billion.

Statistics show Europe's machine learning sector will also snowball in the following years. After growing by 28% and reaching a $55.8 billion valuation in 2024, the European market will surge by 161% and hit a $144 billion value in the next six years.

Chief Economists Outlook: More Economic Uncertainty on the Horizon

More than half (56%) of chief economists expect the global economy to weaken in 2024, with seven in 10 saying pace of geoeconomic fragmentation will accelerate, according to the latest Chief Economists Outlook.

Two-thirds said industrial policies will create new growth hotspots, but majority warns of rising fiscal strains and divergence between higher- and lower-income economies.
Generative AI is seen to increase productivity and innovation, with experts notably more optimistic about AI-enabled benefits for high-income economies.

AWA Report Claims that Global Fiberboard Capacity Increased in 2021-2022

For the 2021-2022 period, AWA’s Fiberboard Industry Consultancy Services (FICS) projected a moderate increase in the total global Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and particle board production capacity compared to the numbers from 2020-2021. The majority (58%) of the combined capacity consists of particle board.

AWA Report claims Global Production of Vacuum Coated Products Grew by 3.4% in 2022

In 2022 the global production of vacuum coated products grew by 3.4%. There have been regional variations in growth patterns and in the growth rates of individual materials and vacuum coating processes, but, in general, the market has continued to show positive growth in all areas. The primary drivers of growth are to be found in applications for vacuum coated films – most notably in areas of food packaging - and paper for packaging applications.

Aerogel Manufacturing Scaling to Meet EV Demand, Reports IDTechEx

By Dr James Edmondson, Principal Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

Historically, the aerogel market has experienced slow and steady growth. With the newly found demand for thermal insulation and fire protection in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, aerogel manufacturers are making big plans and investments in order to scale up in preparation to serve this new market. IDTechEx forecasts a growth in demand of over 12-fold for aerogel revenue for EV battery applications.

Fragile manufacturing industry recovery in 2025 reliant on prudent fiscal policies

The US and Europe are both on the brink of a short minor recession in 2024, as green shoots of a tentative recovery are seen elsewhere in the global manufacturing economy.

Stability is returning to some parts of the world, with the manufacturing economy on the brink of recovery in 2025 if the right fiscal choices are made, according to the latest version of the Interact Analysis Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker.

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