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Funding In AI Startups Declined To $42.5 Billion In 2023

The AI revolution might only be in its nascent stage, but the funding in AI-based startups is already on a decline after peaking in 2021. According to the numbers presented by NoKyc.com, venture capitalists invested a total of $42.5 billion in AI startups in 2023. This was the second consecutive year to witness a decline in fundings in Artificial Intelligence-based start-ups.

Service Robots Growing 6x Faster than Industrial Robots; Market Revenue to Jump by 66% and Hit $55 Billion by 2028

The service robot market has undergone major changes over the past years. AI and machine learning enabled the development of machines capable of performing a variety of tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. As a result, the entire sector has skyrocketed, growing much faster than the industrial robot market.

Water-based coatings market

The waterborne coatings industry is focused on producing coatings, and finishes that primarily utilize water as a solvent instead of traditional petroleum-based chemicals. These coatings find extensive use across architectural, automotive, industrial, and packaging applications. Waterborne coatings offer several advantages over solvent-based alternatives.

Metaverse Advertising Industry to Grow by 315% and Hit a $7.5 Billion Value by 2030

Although the gaming and ecommerce sectors have seen the most significant adoption of the metaverse technology in recent years, its use in other markets like digital marketing will explode in the future. According to data presented by OnlyAccounts.io, the global metaverse advertising industry is expected to grow by 315% and reach a value of $7.5 billion by 2030.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024 – Next Frontiers for Growth

Over 1,600 global leaders from over 80 countries gathered to explore a more sustainable, inclusive model of global growth to revitalize the global economy.

The meeting forged partnerships and showcased solutions around six pillars: a new global economy; China and the world; entrepreneurship in the age of AI; new frontiers for industries; investing in people; and connecting climate, nature and energy.
The World Economic Forum and its partners launched or advanced around 20 initiatives and reports related to the energy transition, emerging technologies, trade competitiveness and the future of healthcare.

The AI Industry to Hit Almost $830 Billion Value by 2030, $90 Billion More than Earlier Forecast

The global AI industry has grown tremendously over the past years, and nothing can stop its growth. In 2024, the entire market is set to reach 315 million users and a $184 billion value, 35% more than last year. However, that's nothing compared to the growth projections in the following years, which recently became even more optimistic.

Parity for Women Remains Five Generations Away But Historical Election Year Offers Hope

Global gender gap sees only a slight improvement and will still take five generations to close at current progress.
Improvement in political participation of women has the most impact as it is where the gap is largest, with top-level positions remaining largely inaccessible for women globally.
With over 60 national elections in 2024 and the largest global population in history set to vote, women’s political representation and the overall gender gap could improve.
Parity in global labour-force participation is recovering, reaching 65.7%, up from a pandemic low of 62.3%.
Women's representation in AI engineering has doubled since 2016, but significant underrepresentation in STEM fields and AI remain.

South Korea Tops in the Use of Robot Workers with 1,012 Installed Units Per 10,000 Employees

Although China has made huge investments in industrial robotics over the past two years, it is still not the most automated nation on the planet. In fact, four other countries have a much higher number of operational robots in their manufacturing industries, and South Korea is the number one among them.

IDTechEx Discusses Segmenting the Conductive Inks Market by Formulation and Application

By Dr Conor O'Brien, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx

The conductive inks market will grow to exceed US$6.5 billion by 2034 but remains a highly segmented industry, underpinning both photovoltaics and the emerging field of printed electronics. Taking stock of the different outlooks for the myriad of conductive ink types and the various application areas is a complex task. IDTechEx has tackled this problem by assessing the market for different conductive ink types across 15 application areas and providing granular ten-year market forecasts.

Powering the Future: A Look at the Energy Harvesting System Market

Energy harvesting systems capture ambient energy from the environment and convert it into electrical power for low-power electronic devices. They extract energy from sources like light, heat, vibration, motion, radio waves, or electromagnetic fields using specialized transducers. This harvested energy can power devices immediately or be stored in batteries for later use.

Chief Economists: The Economic Outlook Is Brightening But Political Risks Loom Large in 2024

82% of chief economists expect the global economy to remain stable or strengthen this year – almost twice as many as in late 2023
Over two-thirds predict a sustained rebound of global growth, driven by technological transformation, artificial intelligence and the green transition
There is near-unanimity that geopolitics and domestic politics will drive economic volatility this year

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