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Waiting for Normality

There is a theatre play “Waiting for Godot” and that is how the current situation feels – only with the difference that we wait for the old normal. While we wait for shops, restaurants, bars, factories, gyms, swimming pools and so many others to reopen we dream of the things that we wish to do again: go on holiday, have our favourite food at table in our restaurant, go to the pools, have that missed birthday party with lots of our friends present, go to work, have these little chitchats with our colleagues, having fun at the beach, the playing fields and events to name just a few. By Sabine Slaughter

Force Majeure & The Caronavirus [COVID-19]: Definitions Matter

By S. George Alfonso, Of Counsel, Braumiller Law group

The month of March has brought a deluge of cancellations of international conferences, travel and severely affected markets around the world, all due to the spread of “COVID-19” – the newest strain of the “Coronavirus” which was first discovered last December in Wuhan, China.

Industry Develops Realistic Future for Autonomous Cars

By Andy Marken
"Well, there's nothing essentially wrong with the car. It's just that it wants to go one way and I'd like to go the other." – Jim Douglas, "The Love Bug," Disney, 1968
While most of the folks who attend FMS (Flash Memory Summit) like to talk (brag) about their storage advances, we're more interested in how the stuff is being used.

Products, Companies Don't Speak for Themselves

"Don't confuse the songs with your own life. I mean, they might have relevance to your own life, you know, but a lot of things do. I'm just a guy, man, who writes songs." – John Lennon, "Imagine: John Lennon," Warner Bros., 1988

In our always-connected world, one of the most difficult things firms face is brand and product visibility ... with the right person at the right time.

Toeay joins festivities for Japanese National Day

At IMPRIMA, as part of the Toray group, we were extremely proud to represent our company at the Japanese National Day at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, along with seven large Japanese companies that have representation in the Czech Republic. The event took place at the Hilton Hotel in Prague on 5th of December.

Multigenerational Workforce Needs Attention, Support

By Andy Marken

"There's the difference between us. You believe in friendship, I believe in leverage." Amanda Waller, "Suicide Squad," DC Entertainment, 2016
Recently we stumbled on an article regarding a 69–year–old Dutchman who had petitioned the court to legally list himself as being 20 years younger.

Onlineprinters Donates EUR 5,000 to Youth Welfare Organisation

Catalogue from art therapy for young people

Onlineprinters has continued its support of Refugio, a non-profit counselling and treatment centre for traumatised refugees, by donating EUR 5,000 this year. Along with the donation, Onlineprinters printed exhibition catalogues of project pictures made in art therapy class.


By Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly

It is with fondness and support that I send this letter in response to Printing Impression’s recent posting: “Chair of the Ben Franklin Honor Society Responds to Harvey Levenson's 'Disparaging' Commentary”

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