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BorPure™ RF777MO: designed for hinged lid applications

Borealis announces the launch of BorPure™ RF777MO. Based on the company's proprietary Borstar® nucleation technology (BNT), this new material meets the demand of the value chain for high-quality solutions with excellent organoleptics. BorPure RF777MO is a next-generation random polypropylene (PP) for use in flap closures, a growing market segment for caps and closures.

Next Generation Random PP with Excellent Organoleptics

The rapidly developing industry for caps and closures must respond to a wide variety of requirements from all sides. Processing companies need innovative material solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase the productivity of injection molding systems. The material must offer easy processability, high consistency and quality as well as optimum performance on the production line. Caps and closures must protect the contents of the packaging and offer ideal organoleptic properties, safety and convenience, according to brand owners and end users. They must also stand out on the shelf and have the lowest possible ecological footprint. This addition to the BorPure family of multimodal polyolefins with excellent taste and odor properties enables Borealis to help its value chain partners meet this diverse range of demanding requirements. BorPure RF777MO is based on BNT's proprietary nucleation technology and helps producers increase productivity and sustainability:
Shorter cycle times: for certain closure applications, cycle times have been reduced by more than 10% thanks to faster crystallization behavior;
Reduced impact of coloring on dimensional stability through the ability to quickly change color during processing without changing process parameters;
Reduced energy consumption due to lower barrel temperatures;
Lower CO2 balance due to reduced energy consumption and faster cycle times on injection moulding production lines.
For brand owners, BorPure RF777MO offers high transparency combined with excellent gloss and hinge performance. Testing by a renowned independent European institute has confirmed RF777MO's excellent organoleptic properties and suitability for the most sensitive beverage and food applications. Hinge caps made with the new material are particularly robust and have excellent hinge strength and stability. In addition, RF777MO closures are 100% recyclable as a monomaterial solution.
"By adding products with excellent organoleptic performance to our BorPure family, we not only want to make everyday life easier for consumers, but also ensure that sustainability is the focus of all new cap and closure applications," says Geert Van Ballaer, Borealis Head of Marketing Consumer Products.


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