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Ensures real-time, single-pass RFID reading and encoding with inline camera verification

Introducing DISCOVERY RFID, a revolutionary solution that elevates RFID label production to new standards of efficiency and accuracy
DISCOVERY RFID offers a state-of-the-art verification solution for high-speed Smart RFID inlay label and tag production. This system is designed to confirm that the data encoded on RFID chips aligns perfectly with the information displayed as text or barcode on the label.

By incorporating such a verification system into the smart label production process, companies can guarantee data accuracy, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors in their supply chain management.
Key Features of DISCOVERY RFID:
Seamless Integration: Integrate DISCOVERY RFID effortlessly into your existing label production setup for real-time RFID reading, encoding, and verification.
Technology Redundancy: Ensure uninterrupted data flow with a dual-layered approach, combining traditional barcode access with contactless RFID security.
Data Verification: A robust system that verifies RFID-encoded data matches precisely with printed information, minimizing errors and disruptions in your supply chain.
Increased Availability: Cater to the diverse technological landscape within the supply chain by incorporating both RFID and barcode technologies into a unified, efficient system.
In a recent article on Smart Labels, we explored the seamless integration of RFID and barcode technologies, offering a host of advantages, including enhanced availability across the supply chain, technology redundancy, and robust data verification.


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