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IT firm turned 3D printing service provider generates new source of revenue

Located in Ankara, Turkey, SBK3D Ltd. Co. specialises in Website design, database construction, digital design and communication. Always seeking to expand their service offerings into profitable new markets, SBK3D decided to purchase a 3D printer in order to successfully create a new vision of design and innovation for Turkish companies.

After conducting a thorough review of 3D printers, they selected a professional, full-colour 3D printer from Mcor Technologies. Unlike other 3D printers SBK3D evaluated, Mcor 3D printers use paper, which can be supplied anytime, anywhere, avoiding import delays and other problems. And, because Mcor 3D printers don't emit any odours, dangerous gas or messy particles, they can also be used right in the office. SBK3D also appreciated that Mcor 3D printers require no special waste disposal and the materials used in the process are fully recyclable. "We are very pleased with the Mcor 3D printer," said Alihan Tazeoğlu, General Manager, SBK3D Ltd. Co. "And we believe we made the best choice among all 3D printing technologies."

SBK10Drawing from their IT experience working on The Ministry of Culture and Tourism's cultural heritage database, SBK3D initially decided to use their Mcor 3D printer for cultural heritage applications. Dr. Ayşe Erguven, who is SBK3D's primary shareholder, is a also geneticist and a member of the aDNA (ancient DNA) lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. The university's aDNA lab uses historical material, such as teeth or bone – the youngest being 3000 years old – in their aDNA research. SBK3D scanned the artefacts with a 3D scanner and then used the scan data to provide exact 3D printed replicas of the ancient artefacts to the lab to use for research and study, since the originals are rare and extremely delicate, requiring a controlled environment for handling. The lab also displayed the 3D printed replicas alongside the analysis data for the corresponding sample, confident that the durable and stable 3D printed models can be displayed indefinitely.

SBK8SBK3D's expansion didn't end with cultural heritage applications. "When we purchased the Mcor 3D printer, an interior designer friend of ours asked us to prototype her designs so she can provide 3D models to her clients for better understanding and quicker approval of her proposed designs and as keepsakes," said Tazeoğlu. "So she became another customer for us."

SBK3D is also successfully 3D printing internal architectural elements, such as furniture, and models of people and shoes, in order to expand their clientele.

The results have exceeded SBK3D's expectations.
SBK5 SBK Ltd. Co

The full, photorealistic colour capability of the Mcor 3D printer produces startlingly realistic models. And, the ongoing material costs are the lowest in the industry, especially in Turkey, where other supply materials, such as plastic and resins, must be imported. Adds Tazeoğlu, "The Mcor 3D printer is very easy to work with. The only limit of the projects is your imagination."



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