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Minimal work required to make the 150 different stock 3D models camera-ready, saving tens of thousands of hours in production time

CGTrader, the world’s largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models, announces that Bayou Pictures has saved more than one million dollars in visual effects (VFX) costs for its new movie “Dauntless – the Battle of Midway“ by using photorealistic stock 3D models from the CGTrader Marketplace.

Bayou Pictures is an independent movie production company that specializes in films about true life veteran stories. According to Mike Phillips, Owner and VFX Producer, Bayou Pictures, the ability to access and purchase high-quality stock 3D content from an online marketplace offers huge benefits for independent film companies seeking ways to mitigate the large budgets required for VFX.


“Dauntless – the Battle of Midway tells the true story of a pilot who was shot down flying an SBD Dauntless naval scout plan on the first day of the epic battle. To replicate such visual and impactful scenes, we had to face the challenge of creating big budget VFX with indie film resources. It typically takes millions of dollars to pay for the 3D modeling, texturing, animation and rigging,” explains Phillips. “So we were looking for a practical solution to find the high quality WWII content we needed at a price point we could afford.”

The Battle of Midway, widely seen as the most decisive naval battle of WWII, took place from June 4 to June 7, 1942.

“It actually started with the 3D model we found of the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier on the CGTrader Marketplace for 3D content. The price point of the 3D model was very affordable – really a tiny fraction of the cost of what it would have taken to create it from scratch, and it took very little actual work to get it to a photoreal spot. It would have taken a crew from one to two months to create it from scratch,” continues Phillips. “In the end we purchased all the 3D models for the film from the CGTrader stock Marketplace – everything from the SBD Dauntless to the crates, ammo cans and a 1940s era oil pump we used in the dock scene. With the 3D modeling already done, we saved tens of thousands of man hours were able to go from inception to completion of the film – which involved 1800 shots – in just one year.”

According to a study conducted by Cultural Weekly and Entertainment Media Partners with the Sundance Organization, the average budget for an independent film is $750,000.

“This film would simply not have been possible without the CGTrader Marketplace for stock 3D content. We easily saved well over one million in production costs with the 150 different 3D models we purchased,” summarizes Phillips.

”Being a 3D designer myself, I know what it takes to produce photorealistic 3D models so I understand the importance of finding ready to go, affordable 3D content,” explains Marius Kalytis, co-founder and COO, CGTrader. “We are very proud to have helped Bayou Pictures create a film that depicts the valor and sacrifices of WWII veterans. In fact, independent film makers the world over are using our stock 3D models to tell stories that would otherwise not be told. Whether it’s for VFX artists, game creators, animators, and recently also for online retailers, the business case for the CGTrader Marketplace is very clear – our more than 870,000 stock 3D models can significantly reduce production costs and help ensure on-time project delivery.”

“Dauntless – the Battle of Midway” made its premiere 6th September 2019 in select theaters and will be released to worldwide audiences on October 15, 2019



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