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Composite manufacturing - right first time

I am thrilled to introduce you to FLASH-COMP, an exciting project that is using artificial intelligence to revolutionise manufacturing, ensuring that large parts such as airplane wings and wind turbine blades are produced flawlessly every time.

Current practice involves highly skilled professionals using hand and eye to apply the finishing touches to these parts. However, this is not a perfect system, and mistakes can lead to costly repairs or even completely unusable products.

FLASH-COMP is spearheading the development of a state-of-the-art quality control solution that, working in tandem with the highly skilled workers, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate defects during the manufacture of high-value composite parts. Our goal is to achieve zero-defect manufacturing, significantly reducing waste by over 30%.

By eliminating defects during production, FLASH-COMP reduces the need for excess raw materials and minimises trimming requirements during the finishing stage. With our technology, the process of detecting and rectifying defects is seamlessly integrated into production, ensuring that every final product is right first time.

We believe that FLASH-COMP holds immense potential to revolutionise the industrial sector. With the project just over halfway through, we are hugely excited about the prospect of bringing our solution to market and making a difference, so we are getting in touch with you now to let you know that we are planning an upcoming series of exciting stories from our project about how artificial intelligence is transforming the world of industry, not only by reducing waste and improving efficiency, but also by empowering highly skilled workers to achieve even more than they can at present.



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