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Markem-Imaje unveils the 5940 G with stainless steel cabinet for extreme environments

Following last year’s global launch of Markem-Imaje’s (MI) 5940 G, Touch Dry® high-resolution inkjet coder, MI has introduced a brand-new steel cabinet option to offer a robust solution for extreme environments. Responding to the growing need for coders that can provide reliable, GS1-128 compliant codes in challenging manufacturing surroundings, the stainless steel case provides protection from rust in wet and damp environments

MI, the global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions and industrial marking and coding systems, works directly with customers to innovate according to market needs and challenges. With the 5940 G applicable for a broad range of substrates, since launch it has been deployed by manufacturers including specialists in fresh produce, meats and for precision printing on polystyrene for frozen foods. Often packaged in extreme temperatures, damp environments or field packaging, and, in the case of fresh fish, aboard fishing vessels – these products require a coding solution that can withstand the toughest surroundings. The new steel casing for the 5940 G protects from rust, unlike non-corrosive resistant materials such as painted steel.
Greg Kasprzak, Marketing Team Leader, MI said: “The 5940 G has proven to be a hugely successful coder. This is in no small part thanks to its reliability across a wide spectrum of manufacturing needs, consistently delivering crisp codes on a huge range of secondary packaging, including corrugated. With the introduction of our stainless steel case option, we are ensuring that the 5940 G offers the highest performance even in the most difficult circumstances.”
The 5940 G features Markem-Imaje’s proprietary Touch Dry® inks that instantly dry on contact. The inks, which are free of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC), are safe to handle and contribute to a more sustainable production line. Touch Dry® inks will not spread along corrugated fibers and lose resolution. A variety of colored inks are available.
The 5940 G also features a patented Intelli’Flow™ printhead technology that avoids nozzle blockages due to ink backsplash and dust buildup. Plus, it also features a filtering process that degasses the ink during printing and keeps the jetting mechanism clean and clear, resulting in a higher print quality, greater throughput, reduced maintenance, and less downtime.
The 5940 G with stainless steel cabinet is available now.



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