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CoLOS OEE software launched to improve productivity by 10-15%.

Thanks to the launch of this application, industrialists are able to access real-time and historical data of the packaging line more easily, while improving availability and performance, but also reducing quality losses and bottlenecks along the entire line. Implementable in just a few days, it allows not only to quickly adopt the right corrective actions, but also to constantly monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the efficiency of the line and to implement the necessary improvement solutions.

CoLOS® OEE allows 10-15% gains on critical production lines.
Managing high downtime, low performance and poor quality is the priority of all industrialists. One way to increase productivity is to assess and improve OEE (overall plant efficiency), a standard productivity measurement method consisting of 3 KPIs: availability, performance and quality. Unfortunately, however, most of the OEE solutions available on the market are expensive and time-consuming to implement, as they require customised programming or specific skills to perform complex configurations. CoLOS OEE, on the other hand, is a ready-to-use, easy to set up and 100% configurable application that provides the analysis needed to improve efficiency immediately after purchase. The tool is also scalable and suitable for a multi-step approach, from a single line to full plantwide implementation.
Assessing and improving OEE: a key challenge
The characteristic OEE indices before the implementation of a continuous improvement programme are generally 50-60%. While best-in-class facilities achieve OEE rates of 85%, many struggle to improve this score as they lack easy, timely and comprehensive access to the information they need to calculate, if not monitor, effectively.
A faster and more effective way to calculate OEE and optimise line productivity
Feedback from customers who tested the software during the development phases was positive. "We are now able to make data-based decisions to implement line improvements," says Todd Mondry, vice president of Engineering and Operations, Red River Commodities. "CoLOS OEE has proven so effective that we are planning to adopt it at all of our plants. In fact, I am constantly urged on its future implementation at the various sites.
An integral part of the market-leading CoLOS information management system, CoLOS OEE collects data from existing Markem-Imaje coders, or any OPC-enabled packaging line device, at two points on the line, without the need for additional hardware or communication platforms.
By analysing the data collected in these points, CoLOS automatically calculates the KPIs for OEE which are defined by the following indices:
Availability: real production time compared to the planned one
Performance: productivity rate of the real maximum line compared to the theoretical one
Quality: good products compared to total production
These KPIs are displayed on dashboards in real time and help operators to verify that the lines produce the highest number of high quality products, taking into account downtime and scheduled shutdowns.
If a line stops unexpectedly, for example, the counters will pause. The condition of the line is visible on the dashboards and warns the operators that they are able to intervene immediately. Once the problem has been identified and resolved, the operator can select the cause on the user interface to facilitate further analysis. Alternatively, if the function is enabled, CoLOS OEE automatically retrieves the error code data from the packaging line devices.
Offer the analysis needed to identify the root causes of inefficiency
CoLOS OEE provides a variety of historical reports so managers have the data they need to continuously improve productivity, prioritising and eliminating the root causes of downtime, underperformance and quality loss. They can quickly find trends in real time and resolve the root causes of problems to achieve productivity gains of up to 10-15%.
In combination with Markem-Imaje's other Packaging Intelligence solutions, efficiency can be further increased.
"You can't improve what you don't measure, and the ability to make data-based decisions reduces risk and significantly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome," notes Mark Hathaway, CoLOS Software Product Manager at Markem-Imaje. "Manually gathering the information needed to implement the right changes, however, takes time and is subject to human error. Custom automation improves accuracy, but its development can take years. The launch of our software opens the door to any company, small, medium or large, with or without financial availability or time for a long development process, that wants to improve its OEE indices," adds Hathaway. "Our tool is easy to install and use, as well as providing the detailed data needed to significantly increase productivity.




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