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SpencerMetrics Marks a Decade of Data-Driven Excellence in Print & Packaging Production Insights

Celebrating a remarkable ten-year journey serving the print, labels, and packaging industry, SpencerMetrics has been at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art data-driven insights and productivity solutions that elevate shop floor operations, foster continuous improvement, and drive revenue growth.

Since its inception in 2013, SpencerMetrics has meticulously crafted automatic data collection and analysis solutions. Building upon years of operational excellence and customer feedback, the SpencerMetrics patented CONNECT® solution has emerged as a beacon of excellence – renowned for its advanced, targeted, up-to-the-minute, and on-demand analytics – seamlessly connecting with both digital and conventional printing and finishing machines. Its unique ability to harness precise, real-time shop floor data while enhancing the operator experience sets it apart. CONNECT empowers users to realize actionable insights essential for driving sustainable cost-saving improvements.
In early 2020, SpencerMetrics expanded its product lineup with LYNK™, a key solution tailored for print, label, and packaging shops entering the realm of automated data collection. LYNK effortlessly collects and analyzes essential equipment production metrics, all without requiring operator intervention. This enables “Lights-Out” operation, providing real-time status of all shop equipment. Built on the same modular platform, LYNK can be upgraded to CONNECT in whole or in part.
Although initially envisioned to work with the emerging digital presses and finishing machines, customers also wanted conventional, non-digital equipment to be incorporated across print and packaging shop floors. AUTOMATER™, an IIoT-based, edge-computing solution that extends the smart capabilities of both CONNECT and LYNK, was introduced in 2018. This breakthrough opened doors for users seeking a unified system for their entire production fleet, including legacy equipment. In addition, it enabled job tracking throughout the workflow as well as application of the solutions to fully conventional production environments and many packaging segments.
SpencerMetrics' suite of data-driven solutions systematically eradicates laborious, error-prone manual processes, streamlining production and conserving invaluable time and resources. Customers have come to appreciate accurate data, coupled with user-friendly analytics – catalysts for enhanced productivity and growth. Operating staff have come to appreciate the automation of their administrative tasks and the visibility into their accomplishments. CONNECT has helped to transform print, label, and packaging firms across the globe, establishing itself as the go-to productivity solution.
The platforms' user-friendly simplicity ensures that users are not overwhelmed by data but empowered by information to make informed decisions, eliminate bottlenecks, and drive meaningful enhancements. SpencerMetrics products are recognized as the leading solutions for Continuous Improvement, showing print and packaging companies how to get more out of the investments in equipment and staff they have already made.
We would like to sincerely thank our loyal customers and partners for investing in our growth and for the many suggestions of improvements and additions, the incorporation of which continuously increases the value of our solutions. As the journey continues, SpencerMetrics remains committed to advancing its existing products, while introducing exciting new features that will benefit both current and future users.


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