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Delta Enhances Productivity and Energy Efficiency with its Industrial Automation Solutions and New SCARA at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nüremberg 2014

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management, showcases its latest programmable automation controller (PAC) and motion solutions, Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA), photoelectric and inductive proximity sensors, programmable logic controller (PLC), AC motor drives, motion solutions, automation solutions and power quality solutions at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nüremberg 2014 from November 25th to 27th. Headlining these, the SCARA features high-speed, high precision, compliance control functions and can be extensively applied to production lines of electronics, rubber and plastic, and packaging industries for insertion, assembling, gluing, soldering, pick-and-place processes.

Delta launches the latest PAC MH1 Series, ideal for advanced automation solutions. Perfectly integrating motion control and logic programming, the MH1 Series provides better synchronization with EtherCAT and DMCNET (Delta's proprietary protocol for multi-axis and synchronous motion control). The MH1 Series is applicable to various motion control solutions, which feature high-speed and precision, as well as excellent multi-axis synchronous control. Delta's motion solutions are currently applied to a wide variety of machine tools, multi-axis processing machines, packaging machines, and more.

Delta's new product display for this year's exhibition includes Delta SCARA DRS40L Series and control solutions, photoelectric and inductive sensors, and industrial Ethernet switches.

Ÿ   SCARA DRS40L Series and control solutions: The DRS40L Series features an arm length of 400mm and maximum payload capacity of 3kg with high-speed, high precision, excellent linearity and verticality, and compliance control functions. When matched with Delta's industrial robot control solutions, the DRS40L Series increases production efficiency and is perfect for electronics, rubber and plastic, and packaging industries.

Ÿ   Photoelectric and inductive proximity sensors: With wide sensing ranges from 30mm to 12m and a rapid response time of 0.5ms, Delta's photoelectric and inductive proximity sensors offer a comprehensive solution for all machine automation needs.

Ÿ   Industrial Ethernet Solution: Delta's DVS Series industrial Ethernet switches have multi-network connections that allow immediate self-recovery and guarantee high communication efficiency and reliability across all systems.

In addition, Delta features a range of solutions that can be applied to a variety of industries. For packaging industry, Delta adopts PLCs, servo motors and drives, motion control system and machine vision systems to construct total packaging solutions that improve yield rate and product quality. For crane solutions, Delta integrates the Heavy Duty Field Oriented Control Drive CH2000 Series and Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 Series to save energy.

Delta is also presenting power quality solutions, including the Active Power Filter APF2000 Series for fast compensation of harmonics, flick, reactive power and unbalanced loads; the Active Front End AFE2000 Series for power factor improvement and power regeneration; and the Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 Series for power regeneration.




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