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Folding Carton Company Invests in RMGT 1060TP Press from RM Machinery and Hits 40 Million Impressions on its RMGT 1050LX Press in One Year

RM Machinery announces the installation of a second press from the RMGT 10-Series line to Relevant Packaging of Omaha, Nebraska—the RMGT 1060TP-8 (7/1)+DD+LD. The installation, which took place in September 2023, coincided with the folding carton company’s milestone of achieving 40 million impressions on its RMGT 1050LX-6+CC+LD, a press purchased from RM Machinery in November 2022.

The two RMGT presses from the 10-Series line are now predominantly responsible for Relevant Packaging’s folding carton production. Prior to purchasing the RMGT 1060TP, Relevant Packaging operated an offset press from another manufacturer that required multiple passes during production over the course of seven days. With the 1060TP, Relevant Packaging was able to cut its production time to four days thanks to the press’s ability to print seven colors on one side and an eighth on the other using UV ink in a single pass. The reduction in turnaround time increased the company’s capacity and led the team at Relevant Packaging to reassign much of its folding carton applications to the RMGT 10-Series.
Presses from RMGT not only benefit Relevant Packaging’s customers, they also motivate the folding carton company’s employees—motivation that indubitably led to reaching 40 million impressions on the 1050LX. “My production staff got really excited when they found out we were investing in another RMGT press,” said Gus Gubalke, vice president of operations for Relevant Packaging. “We like to provide the best equipment possible for our operations team. We provide them with the tools necessary to succeed and to further promote the success of our customers. Our team takes pride in setting records. We strive to set new goals and accomplish goals set. We celebrate our accomplishments daily and the biggest satisfaction is knowing our customers are fully supported and that we’re growing every day.”
Relevant Packaging has the advantage of earning its customers’ confidence in the RMGT 10-Series by showcasing the equipment’s capabilities in quick, easy-to-understand demonstrations. Because Gubalke began his career repairing presses, he knows them inside and out. He can easily demonstrate how a customer’s folding carton can go from good to great with a 10-Series from RMGT. By investing in a high-quality machine with state-of-the-art color registration, Relevant Packaging leaves its customers knowing that their cartons will surely be the ones to stand out on the shelves.
RM Machinery, the master distributor in the United States for the RMGT 10-Series line, provides prompt, reliable service in addition to press sales. “They do a lot more than just provide solutions for our customers,” said Gubalke. “They answer every call. If we need a mechanical adjustment, they come out right away and they leave the press running very smoothly. But those types of calls are few and far between.”
Relevant Packaging expects to expand its customer base and deepen its partnership with RM Machinery. As an SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certified company serving many clients in the food industry, Relevant Packaging requires presses such as the ones from the RMGT 10-Series that can meet certain food and safety regulations. RM Machinery is fully prepared to keep Relevant Packaging compliant with the food industry’s standards.



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