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Asahi Photoproducts Targets Solvent ZERO at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Exhibit features water-wash and low-solvent flexo plates as well as a brand-new wastewater recycling unit
Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, today reported that it will be exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe, scheduled for 11 to 14 September in Brussels. Asahi Photoproducts, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, will be located in Stand 5a34 at the show, where visitors will be able to learn how switching from solvent-wash to water-wash plates can not only make their operations more sustainable, but also reduce waste, improve print quality, and speed time to market.

“We are pleased once again to be exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe, the leading trade show for the label industry,” said Dieter Niederstadt, Asahi Photoproducts’ Technical Marketing Manager. “
The majority of platemakers today still use solvent wash platemaking technologies, which often can generate unwanted odor in the ambient working environment. In this day and age, many people believe that the manufacturer should be environmentally sustainable and create balanced solutions for a better working environment.
The packaging printing industry should be taking proactive steps in this direction.
This means creating a better future for platemaking sites and taking care of the people who work in those facilities. Asahi Kasei has always been concerned about “life” and “living” and is now introducing what that means, step by step, for platemaking sites.
Asahi Kasei has developed a specific roadmap towards a Solvent ZERO solution that will help platemaking operations not only be more sustainable, but create a safer, more enjoyable work environment for their most valuable asset – their employees – as they migrate to a Solvent ZERO operation. At Labelexpo Europe, the company will be unveiling this roadmap and helping visitors understand their best pathway to a Solvent ZERO future.
Breakthrough Water Recycling Unit significantly reduces wastewater and detergent usage
At Labelexpo Europe 2023, Asahi Photoproducts will also be introducing its updated AWPTM waste water recycling unit for use with AWPTM plate processing systems. The Asahi Photoproducts water-washable AWPTM-DEW CleanPrint flexographic plates have been certified Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Trust. In addition, to increase sustainability of its platemaking solutions even more, Asahi has developed this innovative water recycling system for AWPTM plate processing equipment. The unit features proprietary filtering technology developed by Asahi Kasei that reduces wastewater by 75%, and detergent usage by 40%. In a standard 10-hour-per-day plate processing operation, the system can process plates up to 38 sqm (410 sqft). This further increases sustainability in flexographic operations.
This filtering technology, under the brand Microza®, is Asahi Kasei’s hollow fiber membrane separation technology that delivers cutting-edge water treatment capability, as well as a wide range of uses in other industrial processes. In the AWPTM wastewater recycling unit, this technology has been optimized to meet increasingly strict regulations on wastewater discharge. The filtering cartridge can be easily replaced, with the replacement frequency depending on the customer’s plate production volume; and the small amount of treated wastewater can be collected by a contractor for disposal.
The Road to Solvent ZERO
Carbon Neutral AWPTM and CleanFlat water-wash plates are the most sustainable approach to flexographic platemaking. At the show, Asahi Photoproducts will be distributing an informative white paper explaining why Carbon Neutrality is important, why the CleanPrint technology was a key element of obtaining this certification, and discussing both the process the company underwent to attain this important status as well as its plans for the future. In addition, as part of our roadmap to a Solvent ZERO future for those platemaking operations currently using solvent wash plate technologies, Asahi Photoproducts has introduced a low-solvent consuming plate that will help companies make the necessary transition to Solvent ZERO.




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