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BotFactory Highlights the SV2 All-in-One Desktop

3D PCB Printer and Pick-and-Place Machine
Efficient and cost effective machine allows users to prototype PCBs in minutes instead of weeks
BotFactory, industry leader of products that integrate all the steps of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication into a compact, intuitive process, highlights the BotFactory SV2, an exceptional all-in-one desktop machine that combines a printer, solder paste extruder, and pick-and-place machine into a single product that allows users to prototype PCBs in minutes instead of weeks.

Printing with a combination of conductive and dielectric insulating ink that creates up to six different layers on a wide variety of stiff and flexible substrates, SV2 delivers a solution far less costly than in-line manufacturing equipment. Ideal for engineering research and development, academic research, space exploration, and defense and aerospace applications, the SV2 can print multi-layered PCBs, empowering users to craft intricate circuits, with ease. Intuitive software guides users through the printing process to create a fully assembled and functional 3D PCB. Furthermore, Botfactory is delving into the field of sensor printing technology, introducing the option to upload image files as an alternative to gerber files, thus broadening the scope of potential use-cases.
Efficient, sustainable, and cost effective, the SV2 is available in three product models. Users can expand capabilities as needs grow and change. BotFactory also offers attractive promotions for bulk purchases.
The printer’s advanced capabilities, user-friendly operation, and rapid design iteration is ideal for prototyping, and can accurately reproduce even the most elaborate designs from RS274 (Gerber) software files, ensuring a high-quality, intricate PCB that meets the demands of today’s cutting-edge projects. By carefully considering the details featured in the design software and using the SV2 printer, users can successfully bring any project to life. Users can export from any software that supports the RS274 Gerber file format. Images can also be uploaded on the software, which runs from an onboard server, so the printer can meet customer requirements for keeping printers centrally accessible, but offline.


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