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Best of British 3D Printed Classic Cars and Pioneering Cranial Surgery to Feature at 3D Printshow London

The 3D Printshow London (21st – 23rd May) is set to see global 3D printing solutions provider, Stratasys, showcase a diverse array of stunning 3D printed projects from a range of different customers during the three-day show.

From the world of hand-made classic British cars to the pioneering use of 3D printing in complex disfigurement and corrective cosmetic surgery, to art & design, Stratasys' customers will exemplify how the company's technology is revolutionising the way things are made, and in the case of healthcare, saving lives.

Morgan Motor Company
Set to feature as one of the attention-grabbing highlights of the 3D Printshow, will be one of the few remaining British car manufacturers, Morgan Motor Company. 3D printing continues to play an increasingly important role within the automotive industry, and this will be perfectly exemplified at the 3D Printshow by the classic British car manufacturer who is uniquely using 3D printing not as a way of replacing traditional British manufacturing, but to enhance the quality of hand-crafted cars.

According to Morgan, which still hand-builds each of the cars it makes, its Stratasys FDM technology is used to 3D print numerous production tools that allow its engineers to handcraft every part to the finest detail and maintain its heritage of traditional British engineering. For its luxury limited edition cars that are customised for one-off customers, such as the SP1, the company is 3D printing bespoke parts directly onto the car. These comprise various parts of the interior, wing mirrors, grills, logos and much more.

Pioneering cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction using 3D printing
Reflecting the incredible impact of 3D printing within the medical sector will be examples of the pioneering work undertaken by the UK's largest Cranio-Maxillofacial Prosthetics Unit, based at King's College Hospital. This specialist unit uses Stratasys 3D printing technology for some of the most advanced cranial surgery cases in the UK, to efficiently and accurately correct complex deformities, for example in the reconstruction of missing facial structures, bone deformities and large cranium defects.

Dr Muhanad Hatamleh from the Cranio-Maxillofacial Prosthetics Unit will be at the show discussing all aspects of facial prosthetic construction using 3D printing, craniofacial implants and deep-buried titanium implants (skull plates), as well as the 3D printing of custom-fit biomedical implants that restore bone deformity in cranio-maxillofacial region.

Nick Ervinck: New materials and techniques in the design world
Representing the best of 3D printed art and also set to create a stir are creations from Belgian artist, Nick Ervinck, who will showcase his use of the world's only colour, multi-material 3D printer – the Objet500 Connex3.

On display in London will be Ervinck's
GNILICER creation – a 3D printed complex structure with various intertwining elements that combine transparency and striking colour, as well as a new transparent sculpture, VIUNAP. Other stunning works showcased from Ervinck will include BRETOMER, MYRSTAW, and NOITULS, all of which were realised with unique colour, multi-material 3D printing technology.




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