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The World Endurance Championship Strakka DOME S103 LMP2 race car will feature at the 3D Printshow with a number of Stratasys 3D printed partsStratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, today announced that 3D printing technology within the world of motor racing will spearhead its extensive and diverse array of applications on display at this year's 3D Printshow London, Old Billingsgate, September 4-6.

The event will feature a plethora of eye-catching Stratasys 3D printed models, including a fully 3D-printed, auto-follow sports drone for extreme sports participants; as well as a commercial drone used for a number of applications from firefighting support to aiding in crime scene investigations. Stratasys' comprehensive line-up will also feature collaborative projects with both established and emerging names from the art and fashion world, including Nick Ervinck, Noa Raviv and Assa Ashuach; as well as breakthrough customer projects within the medical sector.

Strakka Racing - 3D printed final parts drive innovation

In what is sure to be one of the exhibition's show-stealing highlights, British motor racing team, Strakka Racing, will exemplify how 3D printing technology is driving design and engineering with its ultra-cool World Endurance Championship Strakka DOME S103 LMP2 race car. The racing team's use of Stratasys 3D printing touches all areas of its part production process - from wind-tunnel testing of scale model parts to fully-functional prototypes, as well as 3D printed end-use parts used directly on the S103 LMP2 car in an actual race environment.

A number of 3D printed parts from both the race car and wind tunnel development program will be displayed at the show including a race ready cockpit dashboard panel and rear wing spoiler, track test parts such as brake ducts and dive planes, along with wind tunnel aerodynamic components.

UAV/drone projects soaring high

Underscoring the continued use of 3D printing technology in the production of UAV/drone projects, Helico Aerospace Industries will feature the company's ground-breaking auto-follow sports drone - AirDog. The 'quad-copter' operates via a wrist-worn tracking device and captures exciting live aerial video footage and still photography of the user, having user-defined distance, speed and height levels for AirDog to follow.

3D printed entirely using Stratasys technology and aimed primarily at the consumer market, AirDog is the world's first automated drone designed to track and video outdoor sports and activities. To produce fully-functional parts that could perform in the real environment, AirDog employs a mix of Stratasys' durable yet lightweight materials vital for take-off and in-flight manoeuvrability.

In addition, Stratasys customer Aerialtronics will be giving visitors an insight into the world of commercial drone UAV design. The company designs, produces and services unmanned aircraft systems that capture and relay video footage across a range of applications, including crowd control, search and rescue, surveillance, mapping and fire-fighting.

On display will be Aerialtronic's core product - the Altura Zenith drone. With the company's Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer at the heart of its development, the Aerialtronic's design team was able to produce numerous early prototypes in durable ABS materials, as opposed to outsourcing parts from Asia. This enabled the team to evaluate Altura Zenith's fit, form and functionality - all while seeing turnaround times nosedive. Aerialtronics continues to use 3D printing today to produce various end-use 'add-on' parts on-the-fly, allowing the team to customize its drones specifically for each customer requirement.

A new twist on art and fashion with 3D printing

3D printing continues to push the boundaries of art and fashion by enabling designers to directly manufacture pieces previously not possible with traditional methods. Continuing this trend, visitors to the 3D Printshow can expect to be wowed by 3D printed pieces from a selection of artists and designers that were produced using Stratasys' recently-launched Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer, the world's only multi-color multi-material system.

Set to create a stir, emerging fashion designer Noa Raviv, will showcase two stunning outfits from her award-winning Hard Copy collection that incorporate 3D printed multi-material elements. Representing the best of 3D printed art is London-based designer, Assa Ashuach, and Belgian artist Nick Ervinck, both showcasing color multi-material 3D printing. Ashuach's Interior Journey designs explore various expressions of geometry and aesthetics, while Ervinck will unveil GNILICER, a complex structure with various intertwining elements that combine transparency and striking color.

Emmanuel Proust, EMEA Marketing Director at Stratasys concludes: "Once again, the comprehensive array of attention-grabbing 3D printing applications on display at this years' 3D Printshow firmly underlines how the technology is touching all stages of product development, across a seemingly limitless range of sectors. Whether it's the realization of a simple concept model early in the design process or the production of a fully-functional prototype for testing, or the growing number of customers who are directly manufacturing end-use parts, Stratasys 3D printing has become an essential tool in the manufacturing toolbox."


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