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Cooling Blower for High-Temperature 3D Printer: The Ultimate Solution for Precision and Performance

Bison® supplies a leading innovator in 3D printing technology with Nautilair® 7.6” High Output (HO) blowers, designed to enhance the performance and precision of high-temperature 3D printers. This product is set to enhance the world of additive manufacturing by addressing the critical challenge of maintaining optimal print temperatures when processing high-temperature materials.

High-temperature 3D printing equipment, known for its capability to produce complex, heat-resistant, engineering-grade parts, has long been challenged by issues related to print quality, accuracy, and consistency due to overheating. Bison’s customer is positively influencing that narrative.

Key Features and Benefits:

Advanced Cooling Technology: The Nautilair® 7.6” HO 240-volt single phase blower utilizes state-of-the-art software specifically engineered to maintain a consistent and controlled print environment to prevent heat-induced distortions and ensure precise layer deposition. The entire Nautilair® blower product line is known for industry-leading power density providing the highest performance in the smallest package size. This enables minimization of 3D printer blower size without sacrificing performance.

Optimized Thermal Management: Equipped with a powerful fan producing up to 200 CFM airflow and featuring intelligent airflow management, the Nautilair® 7.6” HO blower efficiently dissipates excess heat enabling printed parts with high crystallinity and low porosity. This results in superior print quality and increased model accuracy when printing with the world’s strongest thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEKK, UltemTM, carbon fiber, and glass fiber composites.

Customizable Airflow: The Nautilair® 7.6” HO blower was designed for a range of applications including both premix heating combustion and device cooling. Users have the flexibility to adjust airflow to suit the specific requirements of their end use environments at a given set point or across a range of desired performance points, giving them full control over air flow outputs.

Compatibility: The Nautilair® 7.6” HO blower is capable of seamless integration with a wide range of high-temperature 3D printers, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for 3D print equipment manufacturers. Its high airflow output capability makes it suitable for large build volume printers.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality mechanical and electronic materials, Bison® builds these Nautilair® 7.6” HO blowers to withstand the demands of continuous 3D printing at elevated temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

"We are proud to announce our Nautilair® blower’s technology as a valuable fit for the high-temperature 3D printing community. This innovative application reflects our commitment to enabling cutting-edge solutions that empower our users to achieve the highest levels of precision and performance,” stated Matt Dudas, Senior Product Manager at Bison®.



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