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UltiMaker Solidifies Commitment to Educators with Relaunch of MakerBot as the Only 3D Printing Brand Dedicated to Education Worldwide

MakerBot expands MakerBot Certification™ 3D printing training and curriculum development programs with multiple languages, bringing its extensive 3D printing resources to the global stage

UltiMaker, a global leader in desktop 3D printing, today announced the relaunch of the new MakerBot as the only 3D printing brand solely dedicated to 3D printing for education, underscoring the company’s commitment to educators.

As part of its commitment, the company expanded MakerBot Certification, its comprehensive 3D printing training and curriculum development programs, which are now available in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, German and British English.

Last year, Ultimaker and MakerBot merged to create the new UltiMaker entity. The new UltiMaker combines the strength and legacies of both companies, with a focus on manufacturing, product development, and engineering under the UltiMaker brand and kindergarten through secondary school education under the MakerBot sub-brand and the MakerBot Sketch® 3D printing ecosystem.

With over a decade of experience working closely with educators, MakerBot remains dedicated to enhancing learning environments for educators and students everywhere with 3D printing. With presence in more than 10,000 schools and libraries across North America and an increasing footprint in other regions, MakerBot Education has already revolutionized the way students learn and teachers instruct. This expansion marks a significant milestone as MakerBot Education extends its invaluable resources, support, and expertise to more educators and students across the globe.

“Addressing the needs of educators has been our guiding light. We understand that educators need a reliable ecosystem of hardware, software, resources, and support to ensure success,” said Michiel Alting von Geusau, CEO, UltiMaker. “That’s why we continue to invest in building a robust platform that enables educators to unlock the full potential of learning. MakerBot is the only brand fully dedicated to education, and we offer an unparalleled solution through the Sketch platform.”

The MakerBot Sketch ecosystem is the most comprehensive solution for 3D printing education on the market, providing thousands of educators with tools and resources to implement 3D printing with students. The key to MakerBot’s success is its holistic approach to 3D printing education, combining lesson plans, project ideas, training and curriculum development, support, software, and hardware to enable educators to enrich classroom learning and boost student engagement.

MakerBot Certification offers a comprehensive approach to 3D printing education, breaking down technology barriers to provide students and educators with in-depth training to explore the world of 3D printing and design thinking. Nearly 2,000 teachers have enrolled in MakerBot Certification and over 10,000 students have enrolled in the Design Thinking courses thus far. By bridging the gap between technology and learning, these programs are designed to empower students with essential skills and educators with the knowledge and confidence to lead the way in STEM education.

“We learned quite a bit through MakerBot Certification,” said Rahul Chopra, technological instructor, Macdonald Collegiate Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “The MakerBot Certification would be helpful for any teacher getting into 3D printing and any teacher who had past experiences with 3D printing. It really allows a step-by-step understanding of not only 3D printing, but also design thinking and going through that process to create a final product. It was instrumental in scaffolding the learning so that it didn’t seem insurmountable.”

The Sketch ecosystem features:

MakerBot Sketch® series 3D printers

The MakerBot Sketch series, which includes Sketch Standard and Sketch Large, offer an easy-to-use printer designed with print quality and safety in mind. Each printer is equipped with a fully enclosed printing chamber, a heated and flexible build plate, a particulate filter, touchscreen capabilities, on-board camera, and Wi-Fi capabilities. The printers are scalable to fit the needs of any classroom, lab, or school. From manipulatives to prototyping, the printers are built for students and teachers at every skill level.

MakerBot Certification™ Programs for Educators and Students

MakerBot Certification offers the only 3D printer training programs certified by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a prominent nonprofit dedicated to accelerating education through technology. MakerBot Certification for students offer in-depth courses focused on design thinking and hands-on 3D printing applications, while the educators’ program focuses on 3D printing curriculum creation, lesson plans, project ideas, and teaching the 3D printing process. Educators can also receive applicable professional development credits.

The MakerBot Certification programs have been translated into French, Spanish, German, and British English, with more languages to come.

Curriculum Planning and Project Guides

MakerBot Education offers hundreds of lesson plans, project ideas, and 3D printing inspiration, driven by the education community. Content is reviewed and approved by MakerBot Education to ensure classroom readiness. Through Thingiverse, the largest online repository for digital design files, educators can find 3D printing ideas and designs for every grade level and subject. Also included is the popular MakerBot Educators Guidebook, the definitive how-to on 3D printing in the classroom, which features chapters on 3D printing, 3D design, classroom integration, and classroom-ready 3D printing projects. The guidebook is an educator’s best resource for learning the basics, best practices, and for finding projects written and tested by their peers.

MakerBot CloudPrint™

MakerBot CloudPrint streamlines the 3D printing workflow, allowing educators to manage, monitor, and print student projects straight from the web. MakerBot CloudPrint offers powerful features for educators, including remote monitoring, multiple printer management, and customizable settings. The software is fully cloud-based, eliminating the need for complex IT requirements. Educators can access and use the software hassle-free, creating a smooth path from digital design to 3D print. Teachers can also connect to CloudPrint via Google Classroom accounts, simplifying logins and ensuring a secure and familiar environment.

“We are excited to bring MakerBot Certification through Sketch worldwide and empower educators across the world with comprehensive training and support,” said Andrea Zermeno, Marketing Manager–Education, UltiMaker. “Educators play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation, and we are dedicated to equipping them with the tools and resources they need to excel in the classroom.”



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