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Apulum (Romania), a global pioneer of sustainable Tableware thanks to SACMI technology

Over the last 15 years SACMI technology has played a crucial role in revamping the Alba Iulia-based manufacturer and driving its growth. More recently, the company launched new plates made entirely from recycled scrap, sustainability-focused products that have already won market acclaim

Apulum was founded fifty years ago in the city of Alba Iulia, in Romania, a city built on the crossroads of ancient gold and salt trading routes.
In 2007, Apulum, the country’s main porcelain dish maker, set a new course and is now a European pioneer in the manufacture of tableware from recycled materials: with, of course, SACMI as their partner for all the key technologies.
Much of Apulum’s recent success stems from the automation and productivity provided by latest-generation SACMI technology. By 2010, a new SACMI roller kiln for biscuit firing was already up and running. Then came the SAMA isostatic presses – no less than 12 new-generation ones, which joined the previous ones – and 6 Triplex dip glazing solutions.
To complete the modernization process, the company has also installed automatic and robotic finishing solutions and additional robotic devices to de-mold special items such as large or rectangular bowls. The outcome: Apulum’s output capacity now exceeds 50 million pieces a year and they have over 2,000 different models, from ‘classics’ to complex items with unfired diameters of up to 55 cm.
A more recent project saw the launch of new plates made from reground biscuit, processed with the all-new SACMI ATM started up earlier this year. This new plate range has already been selected as a flagship product by a key European retailer and will be distributed worldwide by the end of the summer.



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