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SACMI acquires Abruzzo-based firm Velomat

Group strategy driven by the challenge of assembly in the Closures field, resulting in the takeover of one of Europe's leading companies in this industry. The goal? To bring about new, immediate product and market synergies

SACMI recently purchased Abruzzo-based Velomat, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed assembly machines for caps, micro-pumps and medical devices. Completed on 19th February, this takeover is part of a broader strategy by SACMI - the world's leading provider of closures-beverage solutions - to expand and diversify opportunities in the industry in light of recent regulatory, product and market developments.
"The industry", explains the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi, "is evolving towards multi-line and multi-material solutions that require careful assessment of the technology package in order to meet production requirements. Rising to that challenge will involve research into both new materials/solutions and component assembly: and when it comes to the latter, Velomat is just the firm we've been looking for to help implement our growth strategy".
The world's leading producer of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of plastic and metal caps and capsules, SACMI has no intention of being anything less than fully equipped to face the challenges posed by today's closure market: "To give just a few examples", continues Paolo Mongardi, "just consider the new lines for complex aluminium-plastic caps/capsules or the new slitting solutions for tethered applications, all areas where there's significant, immediate synergy with Velomat's know-how and product range.
Now 70% SACMI-owned – with a 100% buyout option – the Abruzzo-based company already leads the way on European markets and is a key supplier to numerous sectors (not only food but also, but not mainly, pharma, housekeeping, cosmetics, etc.). The international SACMI Group has a turnover of 1.4 billion euros and a structured presence in 30 countries: joining its Global Network opens up major new internationalisation prospects for Velomat, with SACMI setting up new synergies and ensuring managerial continuity.
Currently a customised prototyping specialist, Velomat will, by joining the Group, be able to standardise its product range and aim it at a broader target by taking the global market as its frame of reference and becoming a stable component of the SACMI Group sales, production and assistance network.




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